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Wednesday, December 18 2019

16 Things Winning Payroll
Salespeople Do Every Morning


By Glenn Fallavollita, President of & Drip Marketing, Inc.

  • Word Count: 609
  • Time To Read: 2.4 Minutes @ 250 Word Per Minute

To help you and your sales staff regain focus each day, I have listed a number of things below winning payroll salespeople do every morning.

16 Things Winning Salespeople Do Each Morning. 

1. They Get To Work Early: Successful salespeople arrive early to the office to avoid the typical interruptions from their co-workers.

2. They Schedule Time To Make Calls: Successful salespeople look at their calendar and block out times to make their "oh, by the way" follow-up calls/cold-calls/warm-calls to their database of clients, past clients, hot/warm prospects, and referral partners.

3. They Update Their Daily To-Do List: Successful salespeople look at yesterday’s to-do list and make adjustments and new entries. Two suggestions:

  • Use an iPad or an erasable pen as they are great for making changes to written to-do lists and weekly planners.
  • Buy Day-Timer's weekly planner to manage your calendar and to-do list.

Click here to see what day-timers I recommend from Amazon.

4. They Read Their Sales/Personal Goals: Successful salespeople read their sales goals and personal goals to help internalize their success.

5. They Spend One-Hour Reading A Book: Successful salespeople get up early and crack open a book to read. I highly recommend reading SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham; you can buy this fabulous sales book for as little as $6.00 on Amazon. 

Click here to read more about this book on

6. They Post Educational Content To Their LinkedIn Account: Successful salespeople go to their LinkedIn account and post articles of interest to their account.

7. They Give A List Of Problems To Their Sales Manager: Successful salespeople know how to use their sales leaders to handle internal problems.

8. They Say "No" To Non-Revenue Producing Projects: Successful salespeople know they sometimes need to say "thank you, but no thank you" to internal projects that won't generate sales revenue.

9. They Schedule Their Sales Manager's Time On Joint Sales Calls: Successful salespeople know that sometimes a sales manager's presence will help them close an account by taking the team approach to selling.

10. They Organize Their Desk: Successful salespeople know that mornings are a great time to organize their desk to help keep their minds clear of clutter.

11. They Say "Good Morning" To Co-workers: Successful salespeople know they need the help of their co-workers to be successful.

12. They Look For High Priority Items In Their Inbox: Successful salespeople scan their inbox for e-mails from clients, referral partners, networking groups, and prospects for high-value sales opportunities. 

13. They Keep Their e-Mails Brief: Successful salespeople don't waste time typing lengthy e-mails.  When they do send an e-mail, they write one or two sentences to open the e-mail, use a bulleted list of key information and then close their e-mail with one or two sentences.

14. They Focus On Their Proposal Tracking Report: Successful salespeople know that their #1 priority is to "sell."  That said, they look at their proposal pipeline to see what needs to be done with open proposals. They also know the importance of building their sales pipeline with hot prospects and referral partners.

15.  They Rewrite Yesterday's Notes: Successful salespeople know that one of the best ways to remember what happened during yesterday's meetings and calls is to rewrite their notes from the previous day.

16. They Keep Building A Sales Pipeline: Successful salespeople know the size and quality of their sales pipeline is their life; therefore, they keep calling and scheduling appointments with high-value prospects and referral partners. 

P.S. #1: The key to managing your day is to take action.
P.S. #2:  Reread bullet #14, as a proposal tracking report will be a massive benefit to you.

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Thursday, December 12 2019

How To Stop Looking Like A
"Small, Me-Too” Payroll Service Bureau

By Glenn Fallavollita, President of & Drip Marketing, Inc.

  • Word Count: 411
  • Time To Read: 1.6 Minutes @ 250 Word Per Minute

Do you feel as though your marketing messages are making you look and sound like every other payroll service around you?  If you do, you are not alone as most payroll services use the same tired phrases like:

Here’s The Problem:

Your prospects are flooded with advertisements from TV commercials, print ads, radio ads, brand labels, Facebook ads, ads on buses, Google ads, to even ads on their phones. An article published in the NY Times said, “A person living in a city 30 years ago saw up to 2,000 ad messages a day, compared with up to 5,000 today.”

You Have 1- To 2.5 Seconds To Capture A Prospect’s Attention.

Your marketing messages must resonate with your target audience as you only have 1- to 2.5 seconds to capture someone’s attention. Therefore, if your marketing messages look and sound like everyone else, a prospect will either skip over your ad or only look at price as the key differentiator.  How do I say this?  Because we see it all the time.

Get In The Mind Of A Prospect Before Writing Your Next Campaign.

Marketing research has proven that the average person will spend 1- to 1.5 seconds reading a marketing message (e-mail/direct mail).  During this time, their brain will process some or all of these questions (to determine if they should continue reading or learning more about your payroll service):

  • Are they saying things that are important to me?
  • Do I know this company?
  • Do I need a new payroll service?
  • Should I compare my current payroll service bureau to them?
  • What is this company selling?
  • What makes this payroll service any better or different from the one I am using now?
  • Why should I consider their offer of X, Y, or Z?

Your database of prospects and referral sources are just like you and everyone else. They have a limited amount of time to learn about your payroll service as they are trying to do more work with fewer resources. And the more in sync your messages are to their problems, frustrations, annoyances, and needs, the quicker you will get their attention. Period. 

Executive Summary: With the average person being exposed to thousands of marketing messages a day, what are your plans to change what you are saying? 

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Wednesday, December 11 2019

How To Quickly Attract New Payroll Customers
By Glenn Fallavollita, President of & Drip Marketing, Inc.

  • Word Count: 567
  • Time To Read: 2.3 Minutes @ 250 Word Per Minute

Marketing your payroll service is a critical aspect to growing its sales; however, the key to your marketing success is this: Niche marketing. 

What Is Niche Marketing?

Niche marketing is all about focusing on a particular group(s), i.e., a marketing database that have a common element(s). 

Core Groups To Target:  

Niche Markets To Consider:

  • Associations
  • Charter Schools
  • Franchise Owners
  • Government Entities
  • Healthcare / Home Care
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Law Practice
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Practice
  • Not-for-Profits
  • Retail Businesses
  • Restaurants

The Benefit From Niche Marketing.

The real benefit of niche marketing is this: Focus. And if you ever managed a sales/marketing team, you and I both know it’s imperative to keep a person’s focus on a target market. Plus, when you are focused on a particular group, the following happens:

  • Your marketing messages will be more in tune with the marketplace.
  • Your sales team starts to use “buzz words” that resonate with a prospect.
  • Your industry testimonials will carry more weight.
  • Your salespeople have a defined target.

Successful Marketing Campaigns Follow Four Basic Rules.

  1. Have something good to say.
  2. Say it well.
  3. Say it often.
  4. Follow-up via a phone call.

What Type Of Promotions Or Low-Risk Offer Can You Use?

Consider these ideas as you plan your promotion:

  • Celebrate National Payroll Week
  • Bundled service/product promotion.
  • Free trial period.
  • Provide a gift card to a client who sends you a lead that results in a sale. Other ideas could be dinner on us, office lunch on us, to even cold hard cash.
  • Sponsor a shred your office files day.
  • Private label a bottle of hot / BBQ sauce. This is great to give (free) a local restaurant, CPA firm, or CPA/small business expo or event).
  • Sponsor a CPA golf event.

Sample list of private label BBQ/hot sauce companies:

Crucial Step: Review Your Existing Marketing Material And Website. 

I recommend reviewing/rewriting the following:

  • Business Cards
  • E-Mail Signature Line
  • Sales Brochures
  • Social Media Pages
  • Testimonials
  • Website

Clearly Articulate The Pain Points Your Payroll Service Solves.

Your marketing message should tell a reader the problems your payroll service solves.  Here are some key talking points:

  1. Increased level of accuracy (payroll reports and state/federal payroll withholdings).
  2. Lower cost(s) as compared to your current service.
  3. Better and more personalized customer service.
  4. Recommended by CPAs.
  5. Reduce the time spent managing and running payroll.
  6. Upgraded technology, time clock options, and HR services.
  7. Local business.

You Only Have 1- to 2.5 Seconds To Get Someone’s Attention.

Choose your headlines carefully as you will only have a reader’s attention for 1- to 2.5-seconds before they decide to read further on or stop altogether. With your niche marketing messages, remember to use industry jargon to help your message resonate with a reader. 

Try to avoid using platitudes like these:  

  • Accurate
  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • We’re Better Than (Or Cheaper) Your Current Payroll Service
  • Professional
  • Reliable

Add Reports To Your Website/e-Mail Marketing Campaigns:

  • Top 10 Payroll And Timekeeping Tips for Small Businesses
  • How To Identify Payroll Fraud At Your Business
  • 5 Steps To Help Switch To A New Payroll Service
  • A Business Owners Guide To Time Clocks

Executive Summary: Prospects will switch to a new payroll service for the following reasons:

  1. Cost
  2. Poor Customer Service, Accuracy, Or Performance With Existing Service
  3. Better Functionality, Upgraded Technology, And Ease-Of-Use
  4. Trusted Advisor/Internal Decision Maker Recommended A New Service
  5. Business Is Being Taken For Granted

Now that you know the top reasons why someone would want to switch to a new payroll service, you can use this information in your next marketing campaign.

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Tuesday, December 10 2019

Is Your Payroll Service Invisible To Its
Database Of Prospects And Referral Partners?

By Glenn Fallavollita, President of & Drip Marketing, Inc.

  • Word Count: 589
  • Time To Read: 2.4 Minutes @ 250 Word Per Minute

According to data from the Census Bureau’s Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs, there were 5.6 million employer firms in the U.S. in 2016. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 500 or fewer workers accounted for 99.7% of those businesses.
  • 100 or fewer workers accounted for 98.2%.
  • 20 or fewer workers made up 89%.

Click Here To Read The Census Survey @ SBE

And with this many businesses in the U.S., you're probably saying to yourself, "If they only knew about my payroll service; I would be able to grow my sales exponentially."

8 Reasons Why Your Payroll Service Needs A Drip Marketing System.

Here are eight reasons why your payroll service needs a drip marketing system.

  1. 50% to 66% of all newly hired PAYROLL salespeople will quit or get fired in their first 6- to 9-months. 
  2. 40% of all salespeople feel that prospecting is one of the most challenging aspects of their job (therefore, most flat-out ignore this activity).
  3. 50% of all salespeople stop calling a prospect, for 9 to 12 months or altogether, after their first unsuccessful attempt at moving the sales process forward.
  4. 60% of all buyers want to discuss the price on the first call.
  5. 70% of all salespeople are either disengaged or completely disengaged in their job. 
  6. 80% of what you tell a prospect on the phone is forgotten within 24-hours. 
  7. 90% of all "prospecting cold-calls" go directly to voicemail.
  8. 95% of all small businesses (and most likely yours) don't provide their sales staff with any sales training after 30-days on the job.

IMPORTANT: If you are a business owner or sales leader, don't think for one minute that your salespeople are staying in touch with their database of prospects or referral partners.

Send More Than A Newsletter To Help Promote And Market Your Payroll Service.

After reading the sales stats above, you can now see why it's paramount to have a lead nurturing system that stays in continuous contact with your database of prospects and referral partners.  This is especially critical when you consider 50% of all salespeople stop calling a prospective buyer after hearing, "No, we are not interested."

Types Of e-Mail Marketing Campaigns To Send (PRINT THIS LIST): 

Here are some time-tested e-mail marketing campaigns to send:  

  • A Bundle Promo On A Product/Service
  • Client Refer Us To A Friend
  • Client Survey
  • Holiday Card
  • New Hire Press Release
  • Press Release On A New Product Or Service
  • Product Or Service Spotlight
  • Sales Intro Letter
  • Service Spotlight Campaign

Other Ideas:

  • Promote an add-on service via a free trial or special offer, i.e., free employee background check. 
  • Provide free reports to download, i.e., How To Avoid Hiring The Wrong Candidate or How To Avoid An Employee Law Suit, etc. 

Even More Ideas:

  • Send each salesperson's "top 10 list of prospects and/or referral partners" list a lumpy mail campaign. 
  • Send someone a gift card if they referred a prospect that resulted in a sale.
  • Sponsor a "Shred Your Documents Day" with a shredding company in conjunction with a local bank or credit union. 

Executive Summary: You can immediately increase sales by doing three things:

  1. Build/update your e-mail marketing databases (each week).
  2. Send your database of referral partners, clients, and prospects relevant content.
  3. Follow-up most e-mail marketing campaigns with an "oh, by the way" phone call. 

Yes, it's that simple. 

P.S. The days of winging it are over when it comes to marketing your payroll service. If you want to have a break-out year, set your goals and then take action.

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Monday, December 02 2019

What To Do When A Payroll Prospect
Says, "Call Me After The Holidays."

By Glenn Fallavollita, President of & Drip Marketing, Inc.

  • Word Count: 354
  • Time To Read: 1.4 Minutes Based On 250 Per Minute

December is when many payroll salespeople start hearing prospects say things like:

  • "Just call me after the holidays."
  • "My staff is busy right now, so we won't be making any payroll decisions until sometime next year."
  • "We're going to wait until after the first of the year before we think about a new employee time clock system."

As you can imagine, this time of year presents a unique and difficult challenge for many salespeople.

 Here Are Just A Few Responses To Consider:

  • "With things being busy right now, let's try and schedule a quick lunch meeting on me to review our new _______ package/pricing before the new year starts. Are you free on either Thursday or Friday?"
  • "I can relate to things being busy right now, but tell me, will anything change after the first of the year that will prevent you from starting then?"
  • "I understand. What day after the first of the year would you like to meet?"
  • "I hear what you said. By the way, if you switch payroll services now, we’ll give you 30 days free and free W-2s for 20XX. On top of that, you will save about X% by avoiding our 20XX price increase."

 If A Prospect Still Says "No" Here Are Some Suggestions:

Here are a few suggestions for people who want to put things off until after the first of the year.

  1. Mail them a thank you card via snail mail.
  2. Schedule a follow-up call for the first week of the year.
  3. Add their e-mail address to your weekly e-mail drip marketing campaigns; this will keep your company's name in their mind's eye to help build trust, credibility, and brand recognition.
  4. Send them relevant information (educational information) about their industry versus send off a bunch of e-mails asking, "Are you ready to buy yet?"

Executive Summary: If a prospect is delaying their decision to buy from you (or meet), we recommend offering an alternative close. By doing so, you will most likely find the underlying cause of why they are not ready. Remember, people like "year-end deals” as it makes them feel good about getting more value.

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