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Monday, August 17 2020

5 Ideas To Help You Generate More Q4 Payroll Sales Leads
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Many sales leaders, owners, and salespeople in the payroll service industry are hoping for a robust Q4 selling season. Unfortunately, hope isn't a great sales strategy - especially during the COVID-19 crisis.

5 Ideas To Help You Generate More Sales Leads During The Q4 Selling Season.

  1. Phone Blitz Sessions - Schedule mandatory phone blitz sessions for your salespeople, as most of them will procrastinate when it comes time to calling a prospect and/or referral partner.
  2. Ask, And You Shall Receive - Ask your clients and referral partners for a referral (if you don't ask, the answer is "no") - now re-read bullet #1.
  3. e-Mail Database - Build a massive e-mail database of prospects, referral partners, and clients.
  4. Drip Marketing Campaigns - Create a series of e-mail drip marketing sales letters, press releases, newsletters, service spotlights, etc. that promote the things that make your payroll service unique in the marketplace.
  5. Drop-Off Campaigns - Since in-person sales meetings are few-and-far-between, you can still do a cookie/donut/pizza "drop-off" package at a referral partner's and key prospect's office. Don't forget to buy a roll of labels with your logo and tag line "Thank You For Your Support" printed on it.

ADP And Paychex Are Aggressively Going After New Business.

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If hope is your Q4 sales strategy, you need to contact us to help you put a proven sales strategy in place.

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