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Monday, November 04 2019

5 Tips To Write A Money-Making
e-Mail Campaign For Your Payroll Service

By Glenn Fallavollita, President - Drip Marketing, Inc. &

  • Word count for this issue: 472
  • Approximate time to read: 1.9 minutes @ 250 word per minute

To help you deliver a better e-mail marketing message, I have listed below a few tips, based on 80+ million e-mail campaigns for our clients, to help you write a more engaging e-mail marketing campaign.

Tip #1: Segment Your Databases

The number one thing you can do is segment your e-mail databases by target audiences, e.g., clients, past clients, prospects, and referral partners. 

Remember, you cannot say things to a client that you could say to a prospect and vice versa.

Tip #2: BEFORE You Write A "Prospecting" Campaign, Ask Yourself These Questions

  • What things will trigger a prospect to start looking for a new product or service that we sell?
  • What are the most critical business problems our products/services solve(s) and how does it save our clients money or time?
  • What are the titles of people we are targeting, e.g., Owners, CFOs, HR Directors, etc.?

After you have answered each question, start using your answers as the basis for your messaging.

Tip #3: Select The Themes Of Your Campaign

After you have segmented your databases into groups, e.g., clients, prospects and referral partners, past graduates, etc., start writing down the type of "campaign theme" that make sense to send each database on file (see below).

Prospect Specific Campaigns

  • Client testimonials
  • Free whitepapers, buying guides, forms, etc.
  • How to (buy, hire or switch) what we sell
  • Introduction letter
  • Meeting request
  • Newsletters
  • Press release on a newly hired salesperson
  • Service or product spotlight
  • Talent spotlight

Client Specific Campaigns

  • Free whitepapers, buying guides, forms, etc.
  • Newsletters
  • Performance survey
  • Press release on an upgraded service/product or new service/product
  • Press releases on new feature or service
  • Refer us to someone you know
  • Service or product spotlight
  • Talent spotlight
  • Thank you for your business letter 

Tip #4: Select A Low-Risk Offer Or Call-To-Action

After you have created your e-mail marketing campaign, you now need to add a low-risk offer or call to action. Why? Because it will help someone take the next step in the buying process or learn more about the value your business brings to the marketplace

Tip #5: Proof Your Campaign BEFORE You Press The Send Button

Before you press the "send" button, you need to proof your e-mail marketing campaign using the following steps:

  • Print your final campaign and then proof it in printed form.
  • Wait about 24-hours before you send your final design; it's amazing what you will catch the next day!

Executive Summary: You can no longer rely on a generic "one-size-fits-all" e-mail newsletter blast to generate a sales lead for your business; therefore, it is imperative to put some thought into your content messaging.

As I tell all our payroll clients, "What you say, how you say it, who you say it to, and the frequency you say it will all play a huge role in reader engagement."

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