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Thursday, February 20 2020

8 Questions All Payroll Service Owners And
Sales Leaders Need To Ask Themselves

By Glenn Fallavollita, President of & Drip Marketing, Inc

  • Word Count: 385
  • Time To Read: 1.5 Minutes [Based On 250 Words Per Minute]

Today is the perfect time to look at your sales strategies, marketing campaigns, and sales tools.  If not, you are putting your payroll/HCM sales at risk, as doing the same thing will only generate the same sales results. 

Stop Hoping Your Payroll Service’s Sales Problem Will Change.

All too often, many business owners/sales leaders hope their sales issues will disappear or turnaround. But here’s the truth: The only way your sales needle will move in a positive direction is for you to take action and do something different. 

8 Questions All Owners AND Sales Leaders Need To Ask Themselves: 

#1: How many of our salespeople are not meeting their quota (what are your plans to help them be successful)?

#2: What percentage of our clients, prospects, and referral partners have an e-mail address associated with their record? If it's not 100%, ask yourself why.

#3: What is our e-mail marketing and direct mail marketing strategies?

#4: What is our sales follow-up strategy to ensure that our sales team is following up on your e-mail/marketing campaigns? Now read the bullet point below.

#5: Are we relying on our salespeople to stay in touch with their database of prospects and referral partners (Fact: 99% of all salespeople give up after their third unsuccessful call)? 

#6: What type of marketing collateral do we use on a sales call to help reduce price as a focal point or sales objection?

#7: How often am I training the sales staff to improve their sales performance?

#8: How often do you connect with our database of payroll clients to:

  • Cross-sell them with other products or services?
  • Ask for a referral?
  • Survey them to determine their future needs?
  • Ask them their accountant's name?

Are You Happy With Your Answers? 

If not, you should seek out a professional who can help you create or fine-tune your sales and marketing strategy.  By the way, don’t put marketing on your sales team’s shoulders, as research has proven salespeople are notoriously bad writers, and worse, do marketing on an intermittent basis at best. 

Executive Summary:  If you do not know the answers to the questions above, or if you are dissatisfied with your answers, it means you and your salespeople are underleveraged in the marketplace. 

Should this be the case, your salespeople are losing 15% to 50% of their annual sales revenue by not being plugged into a long-term success plan and/or automated marketing system.

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