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Friday, July 10 2020

The New Normal For A Payroll Salesperson
(Forward To Your Sales Leader And Sales Team)

By Glenn Fallavollita, President - & Drip Marketing, Inc.

  • Word Count: 215
  • Time To Read: .9 Minutes @ 250 Words Per Minute

Before COVID-19 hit, winning payroll salespeople were cranking-out calls, dropping-by a CPA’s office, and shaking hands with new prospects and referral partners.

A New Sales Strategy Is Needed During The COVID-19 Crisis.

If you are an owner or sales leader of your payroll service business, you need to take a proactive step in developing (and teaching your salespeople) the following:

  1. How to go through a fact-finding process, i.e., your discovery process, with a new prospect. 
  2. Online sales presentation, i.e., webinars.

Excellent Fact-Finding Skills Will Help You Close More Sales.

All experts agree that great investigative questions will help a person close more business. That said, here are the core components of this process:

  • Current situation questions.
  • Problem questions around a person’s current situation.
  • Financial impact questions around a person’s current situation.

The Value Your Payroll Service Provided Yesterday Isn’t As Relevant Today.

What you sold yesterday is no longer relevant as business owners, CFOs, and office managers now need:

  • Touchless time clock systems.
  • PPP help and special payroll-related reports.
  • Employee Self Serve portals.
  • Payroll bank cards.
  • Seamless direct deposit service.
  •  _______________.

If you are managing a sales team or you are a salesperson at a payroll service business, I highly recommend stepping back and reevaluating your sales strategy. If not, you will see less than stellar sales results in 2020. 

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