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Friday, September 30 2011

           6 Traits Of Successful Salespeople

What separates successful salespeople from those who are not in the payroll service industry? This question has been studied for decades by many corporate executives, sales leaders, salespeople and human resource managers.

Every Payroll Service Needs Winning And Effective Salespeople. 

As you can imagine, corporate America has always be in need of winning and effective salespeople. Unfortunately, no matter how long most interview processes are, it has been a challenge for many businesses to hire a salesperson that will not only last 36 months or longer, but will also be effective.


6 Traits Most Successful Payroll Service Salespeople Have.


Trait #1) Winning Salespeople Ask Business-Related Questions: Successful salespeople ask prospective buyers business related questions to determine their situation and buying needs. They also know the most effective way to present their product or service is to uncover a buyer's goals, objectives, concerns and frustrations. This allows them to effectively discuss what features are best for their budget and needs. And yes, there is such a thing as asking an irrelevant question to a prospect when you are in sales.


Trait #2) Winning Salespeople Have Passion For What They Are Selling: Winning salespeople take pride in what they sell and are passionate about what they do. The reason for this is simple: It shows your prospective buyers that you are genuinely excited about what you are selling. More importantly, you are not doing yourself, your company or future clients any favors by continuing to represent a company that does not excite you.


Trait #3) Winning Salespeople Work Smart And Hard: Most people want to be successful in their sales career but are not prepared to work hard to achieve it. As a salesperson, you will be as busy as you want to be. That means you need to fine-tune your craft, work harder than your competition and make more "Oh By The Way" calls than anyone else.


Trait #4) Winning Salespeople Keep In Touch With Their Target Audience: Being in continuous contact with your target audience will keep you fresh in the minds of potential buyers. This does not mean calling someone every week for weeks on end; it means sending sales letters, postcards, a lumpy mail campaign, thank-you note, birthday card, etc. More importantly, it is about making enough "Oh By The Way" calls to their database of prospective buyers.    


Trait #5) Successful Salespeople Show Value: Today's business world is super competitive. Unfortunately, most salespeople think price is the most important factor. Although price is a major factor in every sale, it seldom is the primary motivator as to why someone chooses one company over another. In addition, they know VALUE is a formula for a prospect (value = their benefits minus their cost).


Trait #6) Successful Salespeople Are Persistent: Selling for a living requires a tremendous amount of persistence. Unfortunately, a lack of persistence can be a salesperson's demise - from not staying in touch with prospects to not building their database of prospective buyers.  Winning salespeople look for new angles and business solutions and are tenacious during the sales process.


Executive Summary: Every payroll service wants to have on staff successful salespeople. Unfortunately, only 10% to 15% of the people they hire will reach superstar status; most will be average at best. If you, or someone you know, want to be better at sales, we highly recommend incorporating the little things into your daily routine that can add up to more sales, from building your database of prospects, asking probing questions, not taking "no" or "maybe" for an answer to increasing your closing ratio. Yes, sales is a tough profession, but you have the potential to earn a handsome wage.

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Friday, September 23 2011
11 Tips To Writing An
Effective e-Press Release
Drip Marketing, Inc. will send more than 4 million e-mail marketing campaigns this year on behalf of its clients. And one of the highest open rates of these e-mail campaigns have come from e-press releases. 
e-Press Releases Will Deliver A HUGE Open Rate For You. 
The reality is that content is king – content that your database of clients, past clients and prospects want to read. Unfortunately, most companies miss the mark with their e-press releases. If your content falls in this category, it can have a negative impact on future open rates.  
To help you craft and award winning e-press release, we have listed below a number of tips and suggestions to help you create an e-press release that is not only read, but also motivates your target audience to visit your website or take action. 
11 Tips To Writing An Effective e-Press Release.
Tip #1) Create Content That Educates Your Target Audience: Your content needs to be value based – but it is critical to present it in an educational format. 
Tip #2) Explain How You Can Solve Their Problems, Frustrations And Annoyances: The content you use should solve someone’s problems, frustrations and annoyances by giving them educational reports – an understanding of a particular product or service feature or access to a tool so they can make a better buying decision when buying what you sell. 
Tip #3) Write A Subject Line That Motivates Someone To Open The e-Mail: First, e-press releases should come from your company, not a person. Second, your subject line should let the reader know this is a press release. A typical subject line may look like this: “FW: Press Release [insert subject matter here].”
Tip #4) Write An Inside Headline That Benefits The Reader: The headline within the body of your press release should tout a particular benefit to the reader. Use key words like “announce,” “strategies” and “professional” to motivate readers to learn more.
Tip #5) Write A Sub-Headline Within The Body Of The Content: There are two types of people who will read a campaign: Those that skim (about 80%) and those that read in detail (about 20%). Therefore, you need to make sure your content includes sub-headlines as it gives the majority of readers the complete story just by reading the headline and sub-headlines.  
Tip #6) Insert A Picture To Add Another Dimension To The Content: Give your e-press release that extra level of attraction by adding a relevant picture to your campaign. 
Tip #7) Write Your Content As A Third Party Person: When writing your campaign, write it as a third-person would write it, avoiding use of the word “we” – substitute it with your company name. 
Tip #8) Add Quotes From Someone At Your Company: We always like to add a quote by the president of a company – it just gives the reader a level of personalization and confidence.
Tip #9) Add Hyperlinks To Your Website: Hyperlinks are a huge opportunity to get traffic to your website. But, the key is to add the link as a separate line in the copy – if you bury the link in the copy, most people will skim right over it. 
Tip #10) Add A Hyperlink(s) To Download A Special Kit, Video, Whitepaper, Etc.: This is a hidden secret that many marketers forget to add in an e-press release. Let’s say you wrote a press release on a buyer’s guide in your industry. Add a visual image of the buyer’s guide that serves as a hyperlink and an additional hyperlink in the copy that reads, “Click here to download a free copy of this special buyer’s guide.”
Tip #11) Keep Your Content Brief: Remember, your press release should be a snippet of information. A good rule of thumb is having 200 to 350 words, as it will take the average reader 50 to 90 seconds to read. 
Execute Summary:Although these tips may seem obvious, many marketing people tend to emulate the writing techniques used by a Fortune 500 Company. Remember, you are not Pepsi, Coke or GM so don’t try to copy what they do. Why? The answer is simple. They don’t care if their e-press releases are successful as they measure their “marketing success” based on their U.S. market share.  For them, this is just another campaign to get off to their PR firm.    
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Friday, September 09 2011
6 Tips For Getting A Sale
From Your Business Card
Business cards are one of the oldest sales tools in the book, dating as far back as 15th century China and 17th century Europe. After all this time, business cards remain one of the strongest networking tools a businessperson has in their arsenal.
This Tiny Piece Of Paper Can Pack A Punch.
According to Applied Designs, statistics show that sales increase 2.5% for every 2,000 business cards presented. They also claim that “prospects will hold on to a color card 10 times longer than a standard one” (see Tip #3 for more on design). Bottom line, business cards are a must-have. For that reason, I have prepared the six tips below.
6 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Business Card.
Tip #1) Always Keep Some On You: You never know when a networking opportunity will present itself. You may encounter someone whose business might benefit you or your business while running errands. Having a business card on hand will make information exchange seamless.
Tip #2) Exhibit Proper Etiquette: When someone offers you their card, reciprocate by offering yours. Conversely, when presenting your card to someone, request theirs. Take a few moments to peruse it to show the other person that you take them seriously and are interested in their area of expertise.
Tip #3) Be Smart About Your Card’s Design: The look and feel of your business card can say a great deal about you. Gaudy or cheap, plain business cards will either be unfavorable or will not leave a lasting impression. Strike the right balance between aesthetic appeal and the quality of paper you use. 
Tip #4) Include A Slogan In Your Design: A 5 to 8 word slogan that succinctly and cleverly describes your business will help your business card get noticed. Take, for example, Target’s slogan, “Expect More. Pay Less.” Just four words sum up the philosophy of Target clearly and concisely. Strong slogans like this add to the effectiveness of your business card and help build brand recognition for you and your business.
Tip #5) Business Cards Are An Active Tool: Business cards are a tool for active networking, so don’t order 1,000 cards and wait for prospects to come to you. Seek out networking opportunities by checking online and keeping your ear to the ground; then, get out to these events and start delivering your business cards with every handshake you make.
Tip #6) Follow Up After Handing Out: Conducting a follow-up phone call after a business card exchange will be the fastest way to increase sales. That being said, you need to take initiative by making a proactive call to the person you exchanged cards with – if not, you run the risk of being just “another business card” in a person’s desk drawer. Remember, “out of sight = no sales opportunities.”
Executive Summary:For the serious businessperson, the business card has been – and will no doubt remain – an invaluable tool in their networking arsenal. Even with all the technological advances in communication the past two decades – mobile phones, text messaging, e-mail, online messengers – classic sales tools like the telephone and the business card remain the most recognizable, understood and direct means to connect with a prospect or potential businessperson. If for no other reason than that, it is important you put some time and effort into the design of your cards and maximize their use.
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