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Monday, August 26 2013
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Are you, or someone you know, in need of jump-starting your payroll service's sales?  If you are, then you will find this a rather timely e-mail.


To get your sales back on track, you need to come to the realization that you are not ADP, Paychex, Apple or GM; therefore, you will never have the resources that they have to market your business. 


To help you and your sales team super charge your payroll service's sales results, we have listed below 12 ideas that can AND will help you close a new prospect in 7 days or less.


12 Ideas To Help You Close A New Prospect In 7 Days Or Less:




  1. If you are the sales leader of your business, you need to 1. Help your sales team prospect for new business; 2. Build their database of prospects/referral partners; and, 3. Measure their proper sales metrics.     
  2. Start building a massive e-mail marketing database of clients, prospects and referral partners.  If you are a sales leader, make this a requirement for your salespeople to do. If not, they won't make it a priority either.
  3. Profile your database of prospects by "tagging" the ones who are buying from your competition.   
  4. Develop a product/service solution for a niche market/industry.
  5. e-Mail your clients, prospects and referral partners a press release on a new/upgraded service or product.
  6. e-Mail a survey to your clients. Not only ask them how you are doing, but also ask them what other products or services they want or need (even if you don't offer it) and if they would recommend your business to someone they know. For added client engagement, call them on the phone as a reminder to take the survey.  After a client has taken the survey, call and thank them.
  7. Mail a "thank you" for your business greeting card to your database of clients (don't forget to insert a referral card that rewards a person for a referral that results in a sale). 
  8. If your business gets referrals from a third party, i.e., accountants, create a referral partner revenue sharing program; complete with marketing tools and campaigns.
  9. If a salesperson is 80% or less of his or her quota, make it mandatory for them to come into the office two hours each day and make telephone calls to their database of prospects and referral partners.  
  10.  Mail a lumpy mail package to a sales person's top 10 prospects and top 10 referral partners every month for the next 6 months. Make it mandatory that a salesperson calls each and everyone of them on the phone with 24 hours of the package hitting their desk.
  11. Launch a series e-mail marketing campaigns to your database of clients, prospects and referral partners.  Your campaigns should include an e-newsletters, service/product spot light promotion, press releases, holiday cards, sales letters, etc.
  12. Mail your database of prospects (ONLY the ones who are using a competitor) an appropriate direct mail piece/package. Make sure your salespeople are following up each mailing with a phone call.    

Executive Summary: Remember, selling is a numbers game; therefore, the more qualified prospects you have in your marketing database, the greater your sales results will be.  However, the key to your success will be creating a sales and marketing system for your business. If not, you will end up wasting a lot of YOUR time (and money) and have lackluster sales results at best. 

To your continued success. 
 Glenn Signature
Glenn Fallavollita, CEO, Senior Consultant And Author
Drip Marketing, Inc.
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Monday, August 19 2013

As the summer of 2013 draws to a close, many owners, sales leaders and salespeople in the payroll service industry know that their selling season starts immediately after Labor Day. 


Unfortunately, most payroll service bureaus won't be positioned properly as their sales and marketing strategy is based on: 1. "Hope" and 2. The same tired marketing message of "We offer competitive prices and give great customer service." 


Don't "Hope" For A Great Q4; Create A Plan To Make It Happen!


If you want to jump-start your Q4's sales results, then you need to read what our CEO and Senior Consultant, Glenn Fallavollita, has put together for you.  It's a list of the 10 questions every owner, sales leader, sales pro and marketing person should ask themselves - including you.   


Some questions on this payroll service industry report are:  

  1. If a salesperson is 80% or below of his or her sales quota, has our sales leader given them a time management schedule to do these things.
  2. Have we given our salespeople a written sales goal on how many new payroll clients they need to sell/close in Q4?
  3. Has our sales leader measured how many prospects and/or referral partners each salesperson has in his or her e-mail and/or direct mail marketing prospect/referral partner database?

To read questions 4 - 10, click here  to instantly download this free report.  By the way, it has been formatted as an easy to use to-do list. 


Happy Q4 Selling!  

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