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Thursday, December 13 2012


Whenever I run a boot camp on e-mail marketing, my goal is to help people think both strategically and tactically about writing content for their e-mail marketing campaigns. That being said, I will always ask everyone in the room to write down the answers to these questions:
What is your e-mail marketing strategy?
  1. What is your strategy to increase the size of your e-mail marketing database?
  2. What type of information would make your target audience want to open/read your e-mail?
  3. What type of offer would get someone (the Tire Kickers and Immediate Buyers) to take the next step in the buying process?
The Key Is To Think Strategically.
For most everyone reading this e-mail, they tend not to think about what they can send to someone to buy RIGHT NOW.
Unfortunately, this oftentimes yields a low result (especially if not followed up with a phone call) because of these very realistic marketing statistics:
  • 75% to 85% of your e-mail marketing database DO NOT WANT to buy/learn about what you selling.
  • 8% to 15% of your e-mail marketing database are Tire Kickers (active and passive) - meaning they are ONLY interested in very low-risk offers and often times are in the INFORMATION GATHERING stage.
  • 1% to 3% of your e-mail marketing database WANTS TO BUY in the very near future and will be open to high-risk offers (this means they will be receptive to your phone call and/or take advantage of your offer/s).
Now that you know these stats, you can see that 97% of the people you are e-mailing DO NOT WANT to buy what you are selling right now; however, 9% to 18% DO have an interest. That said, you need to ask yourself a few more questions.
Three (3) Questions That Will Help You Develop Content For An e-Mail Marketing Campaign.
As you read these questions, write out as least five (5) answers to them. I recommend using a whiteboard if you are in a group situation.
  1. What type of information could we send that would help a prospect make a better buying decision (on what we sell)?
  2. What type of content could we send that would motivate someone to open/read our e-mail?
  3. What type of call to action or offer could we premiere on a campaign? Will it be of value to the Tire Kickers or just the Immediate Buyers in our database?
After you answer these questions, you can begin to take the next step in developing content that will be of value to your database of e-mail subscribers.
Executive Summary: When creating or updating your e-mail marketing strategy, recognize that only 1% to 3% of your database wants to buy from you in the near future. Although it is tempting to send an e-mail that sells, sells, sells, you should consider a series of e-mail marketing campaigns that DO NOT SELL BUT EDUCATE AND INFORM.

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