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9 Ways To Boost Your
e-Mail Open Rates

By Glenn Fallavollita, President of

  • Word Count: 245
  • Read Time: 60 Seconds

Are you looking for ways to generate higher open/click-through rates with your e-mail marketing campaigns? If you are, here are several tips to consider.

#1: Segment Your Databases: Send the same e-mail campaign to each group on file, i.e., clients, prospects, and referral partners.

#2: Update Your Databases: Remove any e-mail addresses that haven’t opened a campaign in 24-months.

#3: Add New e-Mail Addresses: Adding new e-mail addresses is a key to your success. 

#4: Send More Than A Newsletter: Sending just a newsletter once/twice a month will put your subscribers to sleep. Therefore, I recommend sending a variety to your databases. 

#5: Personalize Your e-Mails: Use a service that allows you to customize a campaign (see below):

Hello {First Name} {Last Name}, of {Company Name}.

#6: Avoid Writing A Wall Of Text: Most of your readers are only skimming your e-mail messages.  Because of this, use headlines, sub-headlines, and bullet points to convey a message.

#7: Use Engaging Subject Lines: People skim their inboxes for engaging subject lines; therefore, use the following techniques in your subject line:

• Start with “How To” or a “#.”
• Ask a question.
• Show “time or quantity” shortage/savings.

#8:Send A "Reminder" e-Mail To Anyone Who Didn't Open Your Initial Campaign: Use a service that automatically sends a follow-up reminder to anyone who didn't open the initial campaign.

#9: Write Engaging Headlines: Your headline is the introduction to a topic. Remember, you have .5 to 1.5 seconds to capture someone’s attention.

Author: Glenn Fallavollita, President of Copyright © 2021

10 Reasons Why You
Need A Drip Marketing System

By Glenn Fallavollita, President of

  • Word Count: 227 
  • Read Time: 54 Seconds 

Here are ten reasons why you need a drip marketing system installed @ your payroll service:

  1. You will never hear someone telling his or her boss, “I just bought from the second-best payroll service I could find.” 
  2. Prospects will not buy or recommend you to someone they know the first time you talk with them. 
  3. 97% of the people you are calling or marketing to are not ready to buy what you sell today or, for that matter, tomorrow. 
  4. Memory tests have proven people will forget 80% of what you tell them on the phone within 12 - 24. 
  5. 100% of all payroll salespeople schedule a subjective call-back date that is frequently not done.
  6. In medium- to high-value business-to-business sales, it takes 15 to 30 conventional drips (meetings, calls, proposals, e-mails, etc.) to convert a cold prospect to a paying client.
  7. The majority of payroll salespeople (including yours) dislike making cold calls (now read tip #8).
  8. 50% of all payroll salespeople stop calling a prospect or CPA after their first unsuccessful attempt at moving the sales process forward. 
  9. 50% of the clients who stopped buying from your payroll service stopped because they were either 1. Ignored by the company, 2. Did not know this business could solve other related problems, or 3. Offer additional products or services.
  10. Your entire database of clients, prospects, and referral sources, are your competitor’s prospects too. 

P.S. "Hope" isn't a great sales strategy for your payroll service.

Author: Glenn Fallavollita, President of Copyright © 2021

3 Of The Most Powerful
Words In Payroll Sales

By Glenn Fallavollita, President of

  • Word Count: 249
  • Read Time: 60 Seconds

Do you want to know the keywords or phrases to use during your sales call discovery process? Well, here they are:

#1= Why - When used at the beginning of a sentence, it requires someone to answer your question(s)...

  • Why did you decide to hire…?
  • Why are you using this service?
  • Why are you doing it this way?

#2 = What - When used at the beginning of a sentence, you can get someone to rationalize a decision...

  • What was the reason for using this time clock?
  • What are you responsible for when it comes to…?
  • What’s stopping you from changing payroll services or HCM companies?

#3 = How - When used at the beginning of a sentence, you can get someone to explain a process or cost-related data...

  • How much is this costing you?
  • How did their payroll conversion process?
  • How do you track labor costs?

7 Question-Asking Sections:

The questions above can be separated into sections, which I refer to in my book, Stop Whing And Start Selling, as listed below:

  1. Current Situation Questions
  2. Current Problem-Related Questions
  3. Financial Questions
  4. Pain Solving Questions
  5. Closing Questions
  6. Overcoming Objection Questions
  7. Next Step Questions

Important Note: Always add value to the sales discovery process by providing some recommendations or simple ways to improve/save money. If you leave a payroll or HCM prospect with a positive impression, they are more likely to call you when they become ready to make a buying decision. 

Author: Glenn Fallavollita, President of Copyright © 2021

8 Cold-Calling Tips
For Payroll/HCM Salespeople

By Glenn Fallavollita, President of 

  • Word Count: 259
  • Time To Read: 60 Seconds

For many payroll/HCM salespeople, cold-calling is a challenge. In fact, they dread the thought of making these types of calls. 

Cold Calling Is The Key To Your Sales Pipeline.

To succeed in making cold calls work (and increase your sales Pipeline), it’s all about the right strategies. And to help you create a solid strategy, I have listed eight tips below.

1. Set A Define Day And Time Each Week: To help stop procrastinating, set a specific day and time during the week to make your calls.  

2. Know Your Script By Heart (Don't Read It): First, scripts work. However, you can’t read it verbatim. Remember, you are an actor not a machine; therefore, memorize your introduction. If you have that down, you will be able to break the ice quickly and move forward with confidence.

3. Write Out Specific Business Questions: I highly recommend writing out a few open-ended business questions to open up the conversation.

4. Know How To Handle Objections: You need to anticipate objections and have the appropriate answers to them.

5. Create A Killer Voicemail Message: Leave an attention-grabbing voicemail to help generate a callback. 

6. People Love Talking About Themselves: Ask questions and remember, it’s all about the other person and NOT you. By the way, the sooner you can engage the prospect and get them talking, the better.

7. You Are Not Selling Your Solution: Your call objective is to set up a webinar or a face-to-face meeting.

8. Accept The Word “No:” Get comfortable with rejection and accept the word "no."

Author: Glenn Fallavollita, President of Copyright © 2021

4 Tips To Help Generate
More Sales Leads And Referrals

By Glenn Fallavollita, President of

  • Word Count: 235
  • Time To Read: 55 Seconds

After sending 100+ million e-mail campaigns on behalf of our clients, here are three mistakes on why your e-mail campaigns aren't generating any sales leads or referrals.
Tip #1: Make A Follow-Up Call – If your salespeople make an “Oh, by the way,” call to the people who opened a campaign, you will start to see sales magic happen. My advice is:

  • Tell your sales team they will be making an “Oh, by the way” call after a campaign was sent.
  • Provide your salespeople with a script to use.
  • After the campaign was sent, download a list of e-mail addresses/contacts who opened or clicked on a link as they get called first.

Tip #2: Better Messaging – Poor messaging (copy and subject lines) is another reason why no one is engaged in your campaign. Here is a suggestion for your next campaign:

  • Send an invitation to a webinar, i.e., How To Avoid An Employee Lawsuit: The Top 5 COVID-19 Sections To Add To Your 2021 Employee Handbook.
  • Create your invitation/write an engaging subject line.
  • Use your company’s name in the “from” field.
  • Use headlines/sub-headlines/bullets for copy.
  • Add a high visibility “How To Register” link.

Tip #3: Keep An Eye On Your Cadence – Send a reasonable cadence of two to four e-mail campaigns per month.
Tip #4: Segment Your Databases By Target Audience – After segmenting your database into groups, i.e., clients, prospects, and referral partners, send relevant messages to them.

Author: Glenn Fallavollita, President of Copyright © 2021

8 Tips To Help Generate
More Sales Leads/Referrals

By Glenn Fallavollita, President of

  • Word Count: 244 
  • Read Time: 58 Seconds 

After sending an e-mail campaign to your database of clients, prospects, or CPAs, here are eight tips to consider:

  1. Pick Up The Phone - Call everyone who opened your e-mail campaign within 2 to 48 hours. 
  2. Sales Scripts - Develop two scripts: One for talking with a live person and one for leaving a voicemail message. 
  3. Know Your Objective - Your call has one objective, i.e., Invite the person to a webinar, demo, etc. 
  4. Define The Next Step - At the end of the call, have a defined "next step." 
  5. e-Mail Address - Ask for the person’s e-mail address. 
  6. LinkedIn - Connect with the person on LinkedIn. 
  7. Add To Your Database - Add the person’s information to your drip marketing database. 
  8. Call Twice - Use my 2/4 follow-up call sequence. 

After Leaving Someone A Voicemail Message, Send This e-Mail: 

Contact Name: I called and left you a message a few minutes ago to follow up on the e-mail we sent to you today/yesterday about our, i.e., upgraded payroll/timekeeping system.
If you want to know how our, i.e., payroll and timekeeping package can reduce your labor costs, feel free to send me over a few days/times that you are available for a quick 7- to 10-minute call.

I look forward to speaking with you shortly!
Title, Company Name
Office: #
e-Mail: myname@company.ext
P.S. I have attached our COVID-19 Return-To-Work Toolkit newsletter you might find of interest.

Author: Glenn Fallavollita, President of Copyright © 2021

7 Elements To A

Great Payroll e-Newsletter
By Glenn Fallavollita, President of

  • Word Count: 247 
  • Read Time: 60 Seconds 

If you want more payroll prospects to read your e-newsletters, here are a few ideas based on my experience in sending 100 million e-mail campaigns.

1. Provide Something Of Value To The Reader: Your e-newsletter must contain information your target audience will like to read.  

2. Create An Engaging Subject Line: If you are having doubts about what to use for a subject line, run an A/B test on your top two subject lines. 

3. Get It Professional Designed: If you want to give people a better brand experience, consider having your newsletter professionally designed. 

4. Your Frequency: Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly is the ideal frequency for a newsletter (we recommend a bi-weekly frequency). 

5. Send Time: I recommend sending your newsletter on a Tuesday @ 8:30 AM with a resend Friday morning to the subscribers who didn’t open the initial campaign. 

6. Avoid Writing A Wall Of Text: Use use headlines, sub-headlines, bullet points as well as short and snappy sentences. If you need more room to tell a story, give a reader the option to a “Read More” hyperlink.  

7. Use This 6-Step Proofing Process: Our six-step proofing process is: 

  1. Write 100% of your content in Word.
  2. Run your content through Word AND Grammarly.
  3. Cut and Print the copy into your e-newsletter.
  4. Print the campaign for proofing (have multiple people proof it).
  5. Make the necessary changes from step four.
  6. After step five, wait an hour or two and then reproof it.

Author: Glenn Fallavollita, President of Copyright © 2021