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Payroll Copywriters And Marketing Pros CD
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This Sales And Marketing Toolkit Is A Steal at $99.95!

Every payroll service wishes they had a magic wand to help write the perfect marketing message.  Unfortunately, most marketing people and salespeople are not copywriting experts. So what happens next is this: Their marketing message used makes their payroll service look and sound like everyone else. 

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Writing Eye-Catching Copy Is Now Easy With This One CD ($890 Value).

To help you become more effective when writing marketing copy, we assembled a number of tools for you.  These tools will not only save you countless hours of time but will help you write a more effective marketing message.  You will absolutely love the tools we've listed below.

  1. 1,000 Power Words & Phrases To Help You Write Powerful Sales Copy (PDF) – Our CEO has created a massive list of power words and phrases you can use on your next marketing campaigns. You don't want to write a marketing campaign without this information. ($99 value)
  2. 542 Eye-Popping Headlines For Your Next e-Mail, Ad Or Direct Mail Campaign (PDF)  – Want to get more people to read your next marketing campaign?  Then use a headline that gets their attention!  We have amassed a priceless collection for any marketing pro; even the most seasoned ones.  ($99 value)
  3. Classic Prospecting Letters Used By The Most Successful Businesses In The World (PDF) – We have assembled the best prospecting sales letters that were actually used by Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, American Express, Mercedes-Benz, Kiplinger Washing, Day Timer and Psychology Today - prospecting letters that dramatically increased their sales.  You will absolutely love the content of their letters. ($99 value)
  4. 191 Of The Best Online Ads Our CEO Could Find (PDF) - Our CEO has assembled 191 of the best online ads (29-page file); ads created by the top marketing pros in the country. No matter what industry you are in, you will find this collection of online ads (and the copy they used) a true money-maker for you. By the way, this took our CEO 8 years to accumulate. ($199 value)
  5. Risk-Free Offer Development Worksheet (PDF) – Creating the right risk-free offer to motivate a prospect to take action is critical for any marketing campaign. If you want to develop a killer low-risk offer, then you need to use this specially designed tool.  ($49 value)
  6. Marketing Strategy Outline Template To Help Keep Your Marketing Focus (PDF) – Do you want to create a marketing strategy for your business?  If you do, then you will like how simple this tool has done it for you.  ($99 value)
  7. Marketing Campaign Analysis Worksheet - We created a wonderful checklist for you to use for your next marketing campaign. It's a great tool to help ensure your marketing campaign is professionally formatted. ($99 value)
  8. Postcard Template Layouts (Two Designs Created In Microsoft Publisher 2003) - Our design team has created two postcard layouts for you to use on your next campaign.  Plus, we created them in Microsoft Publisher 2003 to help expedite your next design. ($298 value)
  9. Proofreader's Checklist (e-Mails) - Our e-mail marketing checklist is a great tool for anyone who is responsible for proofing an e-mail marketing campaign. ($49 value)
  10. Proofreader's Checklist (Postcards) - Our postcard checklist is a great tool for anyone who is responsible for proofing a postcard direct mail campaign. ($49 value)

FREE BONUS: 15 Pages Of Payroll Service Bureau Ads (PDF) - We found a wide assortment of ads (some good and some not so good) and assembled them on four pages.  This bonus gift will help you get started when creating your next ad. ($99.00 value)

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