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Two (2) Non-Performance Salesperson Warning Letters (Word)
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Do you have an under-performing salesperson on staff? If you do, the #1 thing a sales leader must do is to meet with him or her to set performance expectations.  Once this is done, everything needs to be put in writing.  To help you streamline the writing process, we have created two warning letters:

  • Warning Letter #1: This warning letter outlines performance expectations. This letter is a nice way of saying, "It's Time You Focused On Your Sales Performance."
  • Warning Letter #2: This warning letter follows warning letter #1 as it spells out, in specific terms, what a salesperson needs to do to maintain employment.
  • BONUS: 15-Minute Consulting Session With Our President, Glenn Fallavollita.

In addition, it's a great sales management tool to help an under-performing salesperson gain clarity and focus (and get their sales activity jump-started). More importantly, our set of warning letters will let your salesperson know that under-performance is no longer an option.  

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