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Salesperson Comp Plan (Word) AND Consulting Package
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On day one of employment, a salesperson needs to be given a well documented sales comp plan, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to hit, a documented onboarding process, and so much more.

To get your next new salesperson onboarded properly, we have created a sales leader's starter kit that contains:

  • 30 minutes of consulting with our President, Glenn Fallavollita.
  • 7-Page Sales Comp Plan and Executive Summary Cover Sheet (that you would present to a salesperson).
  • Sales Leader's 30-Day Jump Start Guide.

Your 7-Page Sales Compensation Agreement Contains. . .

To help you develop a performance-based sales compensation plan, our President, Glenn Fallavollita, has created a 7-page sales compensation document outlining the following areas:

  • Executive Summary Offer Page
  • Monthly Salary Outline
  • Monthly Sales Quota(s) Requirement
  • Monthly Draw Against Performance (If Applicable)
  • Commission Schedule
  • How Commissions Are Paid Overview
  • Charge Back Of Commissions (If Applicable)
  • Commission Check Process
  • Eligibility To Receive Commissions
  • Other Conditions
  • How Disputes Are Handled
  • And So Much More

To help you craft the optimum sales compensation agreement for your payroll service, you will receive a 60-minute consulting session with our President, Glenn Fallavollita.  With more than 40,000 hours of industry expertise, he will share with you various types of sales compensation plans used throughout the industry. 

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