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Supercharge Your Payroll Sales NOW!*
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Our President and Founder, Glenn Fallavollita, has written the ultimate sales and marketing manual to help your payroll service or HCM firm win more sales.  This fast-paced and easy to read book contains thirty-two chapters based on Glenn’s 24,000 hours of industry expertise helping more than 1,000 owners, salespeople, and marketing pros in the payroll service industry.  

Why You Need To Order This Powerful Sales And Marketing Book* 

If you are a sales or marketing professional or own a payroll service, you will find this a rewarding book to read.  The chapter list:

  • 1: Introduction (A Must Read)
  • 2: How Our CEO Helped Two Payroll Services Make $104,755 In 6 Weeks
  • 3: Mandatory Reading For All Sales Leaders (Part 1)
  • 4: Mandatory Reading For All Sales Leaders (Part 2)
  • 5: Sales Leader’s Self Test
  • 6: Why Salespeople Need To Think Like An Attorney
  • 7. Most People Are NOT Good Copywriters
  • 8: How To Quickly “Jump-Start” Your Sales
  • 9: Sales Training Ideas
  • 10. Know Thy Competition
  • 11: A Little About Prospects And Salespeople
  • 12: Why It’s Called Drip Marketing
  • 13: Marketing And Innovation
  • 14: The Cost Of Losing One Payroll Sale To A Competitor
  • 15: Learn From This Salesperson’s Mistake
  • 16: Forty-Nine Really Awesome Sales And Marketing Tips
  • 17: How To Land More Endorsements From Associations, Chambers, And Franchises
  • 18: How To Create A Money-Making Lumpy Mail Campaign
  • 19: How To Gain A Competitive Edge
  • 20: How To Quickly Capture More Year-End Payroll Sales
  • 21: Some Wicked Neat e-Mail Marketing Tips
  • 22: e-Mail Marketing Newsletter Statistics And Design Tips
  • 23: How To Quickly Grow Your Payroll Service’s e-Mail Databases
  • 24: How To Develop A Money-Making Referral Partner Program
  • 25: How To Fix A Failing Sales Compensation Plan
  • 26:  How To Get More Prospects To Return Your Voicemail Message
  • 27: Sales Leader’s Sales And Marketing Strategy Template
  • 28: Salesperson’s Sales And Marketing Strategy Template
  • 29. Ask Every Sales Candidate These Questions
  • 30: How To Take Action After Reading This Book

FREE Bonus Gift With Your Order.

Once your book order is received, we'll rush you a FREE bonus gift right to your inbox. 

Bonus Gift: Salesperson's Sales Strategy 4-Page .PDF Template ($149 Value) - Our President, Glenn Fallavollita, personally developed a 4-page sales and marketing strategy template for all payroll service salespeople.  As all experts agree that having a written plan is one of the best ways to attain one's sales goals

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