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Eight (8) e-Mail Marketing Templates (.PDF or Printed Copy)
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A payroll salesperson has a lot to compete against when it comes to a prospect's and referral partner's inbox. And if their e-mail message is written well, it will keep them and their payroll service top-of-mind with the reader.  More importantly, it will go a long way in nurturing prospects that are already in their sales funnel.

You'll Receive Eight (8) Well Written And Proven e-Mail Marketing Campaigns!  

A well-written e-mail marketing campaign is an often overlooked component of a sales leader's strategy.  To get access to our professionally written e-mail campaigns, order our kit today - By the way, it will be the best $9.95 you ever spent on your company's business development efforts.  The templates inside your kit are:

  • #1 Initial Introduction To A Prospect (3 Formats)
  • #2 LinkedIn Introduction
  • #3 Quick Follow-Up From Network Event
  • #4 Voicemail Follow-up e-Mail
  • #5 Mass e-Mail Campaign To Your Database Of Prospects
  • #6 Disappearing Prospect (After Getting A Proposal)
  • #7 Asking For A Referral (Non-Client) 
  • #8: Follow-Up e-Mail After Phone Call

Don't have time to build the e-mail campaigns from above? Then order our e-Mail Marketing Template kit today. 

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