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Boost Your Payroll Service's Sales In 72 Hours Or Less.

By engaging our Drip Marketing Touch System 2.0 at your payroll service, you'll see more sales leads FASTER and EASIER than ever before.  More importantly, you can avoid the traditional "let's see who we can call” sales game.

Your Marketing Campaigns Are Segmented The Same Way You Prospect For New Business. 

We developed our touch system the same way you prospect for new business; because you can't market your payroll service to a payroll prospect the same way you do to a payroll client or a referral partner. And the more laser focused your marketing campaigns are, the more sales leads you'll receive. Period.

To learn more about how touch system can generate more sales leads for you, click on the Read More icon below.

Customer Success Stories: 

"'s helped us land four new payroll clients that represent more than $222,000 in revenue to my company.  Without their services and marketing expertise, we would not have gotten them.”

Carl Fischer – Owner, Accurate Data Payroll

"After switching from BizActions to, we landed a brand new payroll client who had previously ignored our marketing campaigns – a client that will generate $9,100 for my payroll service.”  

Marissa Schmehl, Owner - BCM Payroll Services | 8 Patriot Lane | Turnersville, NJ 08012
Office Phone: (856) 401-9577

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