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We're Payroll Marketing Experts!

Low-cost marketing solutions to fit your needs.

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Affordable Solutions
Low-cost marketing solutions to fit your needs.

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At this very moment, someone in your marketing database is ready to switch to a new payroll service or recommend a payroll service to someone they know. Unfortunately, if they don't remember that your payroll service is an option, the sale and/or recommendation will go to a competitor (and not you)! This is where we can help you. 

Better Content. Better e-Mail Technology. Better Results. 

Our proprietary Drip Marketing System 2.0, a system engineered for the payroll service industry, is loaded with 250+ money-making e-mail marketing campaigns.  And not only do we have the best e-mail technology and the most creative minds in the business, nobody, and we mean nobody, will deliver the results that we do. 

To learn more about our payroll marketing systemclick here to read what other payroll industry leaders are saying. 

We've Helped Our Clients
Generate $2.5 Million.

We're Payroll Service
Marketing Experts.

We Lead The Payroll Industry When It Comes To e-Mail Open Rates

We're #1 When It Comes To
e-Mail Open Rates.

We Can Jump-Start Your Sales In 24-Hours Or Less! is a unique marketing firm as we specialize in helping our payroll service clients (like yours) communicate cost-effectively with their database of payroll clients, prospects, and referral partners.  We do this via hot industry content, great designs, and best-in-class e-mail marketing technology.

And when your e-mail marketing campaigns are implemented correctly,  it will be one of the smartest ways to increase your flow of sales leads and word-of-mouth referrals.

Contact us today to learn more about our payroll marketing system.

FREE 2020 Payroll Sales Growth Kit.

This exclusive 20-page kit (sent as a .PDF) contains the following "must-read" sections we've accumulated from 17 years of experience in the payroll service industry:

  • Sample Payroll Vehicle Wraps (With Pictures)
  • 48 Low-Cost Sales And Marketing Ideas
  • How To Ask A Client For A Google 5-Star Review
  • How To Find Businesses Using A Payroll Service
  • Why You Need To Hire A Sales Hunter

Click here to request your 2020 payroll service bureau sales growth kit. is an active member of the TPG. is an active member of the Products
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