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Do You Want More Sales Leads
And Referrals In 2022? Here's How...

Our Drip Marketing System 10.0 is designed to automatically send your database of referral partners, clients, and prospects a series of professionally written e-mail marketing campaigns to:

  • Augment your sales follow-up effort, and;
  • Build trust, credibility, and brand recognition in the marketplace.

Now read this...

"86% of all payroll clients and referral partners said they would definitely recommend their payroll partner to someone they know. But only 5% - 7% of all payroll services surveyed ever asked for a referral."

We Do All The Hard Work For You.

Our team of marketing professionals will create and send your marketing databases a series of e-mail campaigns (AKA drip marketing) - content that will remind them of the value your business can offer them.  

Plus, Our Drip Marketing System Was Engineered For The Payroll & HCM Industry.  

That's right; our payroll industry Drip Marketing System 10.0 is loaded with hot, engaging content for the payroll or HCM industry. Content that will get you noticed and stay noticed.  In fact, our writing is powerful; we generated the highest e-mail open rates in head-to-head tests for our payroll clients (click here to read their testimonials).  Not only will we get more payroll prospects and referral partners opening your e-mails, but your clients will also refer you to more of their friends and colleagues.

You'll Receive Perfectly Written e-Mail Campaigns, Sales Scripts, And Sales Tools. 

Real humans. Perfect messaging. Your e-mail marketing team will write and prepare your campaigns every month. Plus, we'll send you scores of sales scripts, proposal tracking tools, and tons more to help you generate more sales leads and referrals. Questions? Your e-mail marketing success team is ready to help you build trust, credibility, and brand recognition in the marketplace.  

$2.9 Million
We've helped our clients generate more than $2.9 million in added sales revenue.

"In one call with Glenn Fallavollita, President of, he added more value in 45 minutes on ways to generate First Time Appointments (FTAs) than what I could do in 45 days.”  

Andy Zelt - President/CEO - Axiom Human Resource Solutions 

18 Years
We've been helping our payroll clients
win more sales and CPA referrals since 2003.

"When we hired, their very first campaign doubled our past e-newsletter open rate.  I even had a huge sales lead in just 15-minutes." 

Chuck Freeburger, President - AccuPay Payroll & Past IPPA President

103 Million

We've sent more than 103 million
e-mail campaigns for our clients.

"When my company switched to our e-newsletter open rate jumped 111%. Now that's what I call a tremendous value to my business!"

Adam Sangster - President, 

Psst. . . Our President Even Wrote The First-Ever Sales & Marketing Book For The Payroll Industry! 

That's right; our president, Glenn Fallavollita, wrote the first-ever sales and marketing book for the payroll service industry.  In addition, his sales and marketing expertise even helped our clients generate $2.9 million (yes, $2.9 million) in top-line revenue. 

How did we do it? It's simple; we created an automated series of professionally written e-mail marketing campaigns to keep their brand top-of-mind in the marketplace, i.e.,  

  • Engaging sales letters that targeted prospects, CPAs, chamber members, EAs, and more.
  • Hot payroll and HCM industry newsletters.
  • Client birthday and anniversary cards.
  • Customized client surveys.
  • Customized press releases.
  • Prospecting and CPA "Get To Know Us" drop-off kits.
  • Phone calling scripts/follow-up training.
  • And tons more. is an active member of the is an active member of the TPG. Products
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