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How To Request Your 2022
Payroll Service Sales Growth Kit*

Do you want more sales leads and referrals in 2022? If you do, then request a copy of our 2022 Payroll Service Sales Growth Kit ASAP.

What You Will Learn By Reading This Payroll-Industry Sales Growth Kit.

Our 26-page industry-specific kit, a $49.95 value, contains tons of insider tips from our 18 years of industry expertise to help improve your sales and marketing efforts.

Table of Contents: 

  • How To Find Businesses That Use A Third-Party Payroll Service
  • How To Ask A Client For A “5-Star” Google Review
  • COVID-19 And How It Changed Your Sales Strategy
  • How To Develop Phone Blitz Sessions For Your Salespeople
  • 6 Steps To Developing An e-Mail Marketing Strategy
  • 48 Low-Cost Sales, Sales Training, And Marketing Ideas
  • Sample Payroll Vehicle Wraps (With Pictures)
  • And Tons More!

To receive your free 2022 Payroll Service Sales Growth Kit,  send us your contact information (see below).

*This sales growth kit will only be sent to qualifying payroll services or HCM firms.


We will NOT send this kit to a generic e-mail address, i.e.,,,, etc. Therefore, use a valid payroll service/business e-mail address extension.

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