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We Have The Passion, The Content, And The Team To Jump-Start Your Payroll Sales In 24-Hours Or Less. . .

Our Drip Marketing System 2.0 is a self-funding lead nurturing system designed exclusively for the payroll service industry.  It contains hundreds of professionally written e-mail marketing campaigns.  More importantly, our system can be up-and-running at your payroll service (and producing results) in 24-hours or less.

Click here to read about our president's #1 sales and marketing book for the payroll service industry! 

Our President Even Wrote The #1 Sales And Marketing Book For The Payroll Service Industry.

Our president, Glenn Fallavollita, is so passionate about the payroll service industry, he wrote the #1 sales and marketing book for the payroll service industry.

Not only will this book transform how you market your payroll service, but it also contains hundreds of low-cost ideas to increase your sales.  Click here to read more about this powerful book "Supercharge Your Payroll Sales NOW!." 

#1: Prospect Marketing Package 

Our Payroll Prospect Marketing Package is loaded with engaging content to help facilitate a lead when a prospect is ready to learn more. This package contain a myriad of: 

  • Introduction letters
  • Year-end newsletters and sales letters
  • Newsletters with "hot industry" content
  • Service promotion campaigns
  • Press releases for new hires, new website launch, etc.
  • Holiday cards
  • And so much more
#2: Client Marketing Package 

Our Client Marketing Package is chock full of marketing campaigns to help cross-sell additional services and help generate a referral. This package contains:

  • Newsletters with "hot industry" content
  • Service promotion campaigns
  • Client surveys
  • Press releases for new hires, new website launch, etc.
  • Holiday cards
  • Client appreciation letters
  • And so much more
#3: CPA Marketing Package 

Our CPA Marketing Package is geared toward accountants (or brokers) so they recommend their business clients to your payroll service. This is an excellent package to build trust in your business.  It contains: 

  • Refer-us to your business clients letters
  • Newsletters with "hot industry" content
  • Press releases for partner programs, new hires, new website launch, etc.
  • Holiday cards
  • And so much more

We Deliver Results
Our payroll marketing system has helped our clients generate $1.95 million in added top-line revenue.

Free Follow-Up Scripts
Our payroll marketing system comes with scores of sales tools to help augment your follow-up efforts.

45% To 100% Better Open Rates
The clients who switched to us saw a 45% to 100+% better open rate using our hot and engaging content.

Integrated Blog/Social Media Content
We offer you the ability to share our messaging on your Facebook, LinkedIn, and social media pages.

250+ Marketing Campaigns
We offer 250+ marketing campaigns - campaigns that go beyond a generic industry newsletter blast.

Industry Expertise
Since 2003, we have invested 90,000 hours in the development of our payroll marketing system. 

Automatic Scheduling
We can handle the complete scheduling of your e-mail marketing campaigns for consistent messaging.

Free Smartphone App 
You can view e-mail results in real-time or call a hot prospect right from your smartphone.

In-Depth Metrics & Reporting
We'll provide you an account dashboard to view results in real-time PLUS extensive weekly reports.

"We Switched To And Our First e-Newsletter's Open Rate Jumped 111%. Now That's What I Call Value!"  Adam S. - President, APEX HR, Inc. 

"'s Staff Wrote A Press Release Announcing The Grand Opening Of My New Payroll Service.  Within The First Hour Of It Being Sent, A Hot Prospect Called And Asked Me For A Proposal."
Tammy J. - President of Apex Licensee in Texas

"After Sending Our First e-Mail Campaign, We Received A 'Request For Quote' From A Qualified Prospect."
Horacio L., Owner - ProData & Past IPPA President

"We Switched To And They Doubled Our e-Mail Open Rate.  I Even Had A Huge Sales Lead In Just 15-Minutes."
Chuck F., President - AccuPay Payroll & Past IPPA President​​

You'll Receive Key Metric Reports Right To Your Desktop Or Smartphone.

We give you the ability to manage your e-mail marketing efforts based on real-time data via a personal dashboard.  More importantly, you will see who opened each e-mail campaign, what hyperlinks they clicked, and what time each campaign was opened.  Your back-end reports range from:

  • Open and click through rates in real-time.
  • Most engaged subject line.
  • Ability to create an instant list of “did not open” subscribers to increase reader engagement.
  • Ability to download a list of e-mail addresses/contacts for post campaign follow-up
  • Free sales scripts to help augment your follow-up efforts.
  • Smartphone/mobile device versus desktop open rate.
  • Results can be sorted by open rate, date sent, total sent, click through rate, bounce rate or unsubscribe rate.

Plus Reader Engagement Reports

Even A Free Smartphone App!

Our smartphone app gives you the ability to call someone when you access their record plus:

  • What database each record is associated.
  • The time and date each e-mail was opened.
  • Mobile and/or office phone number.
  • Their address, website and e-mail address on file.