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Our On-Site Workshop Will Jump-Start Your Sales In 24-Hours Or Less.

Our Get Payroll Clients NOW! workshop is an intense one- to two-day onsite workshop taught by our President, Glenn Fallavollita. It is like no other workshop you have ever attended.  

Prospecting strategies.

  • Sales scripts to use in the field.
  • How to leave a voicemail message.
  • How to handle objections by a prospect.
  • What to do with prospects who "disappear" after receiving a proposal.
  • Questions to ask a prospect during a sales call.
  • Questions to ask a referral partner during a sales call. 
  • How to actively manage your selling, prospecting, and paperwork time.
  • How to build a database of prospects and accountants in 24-hours or less.
  • What questions a salesperson should ask before they send a proposal to a prospect.
  • Why it is key to solve problems versus selling on price. 
  • How to create a prospect follow-up letter.
  • How to position yourself as a sales consultant and NOT just another payroll salesperson. 
  • And tons more! 

Sales Leader's Core Topics: Taught: 

  • What sales reports are needed to manage a sales team.
  • How to develop sales scripts (and why).
  • How to develop an in-house lead tracking system - and what to do when you give a salesperson a lead.
  • How to develop a sales comp program.
  • Other key metrics to track.

This Workshop Starts BEFORE Our President Arrives. 

Before our President, Glenn Fallavollita arrives at your payroll service, he will personally create a select number of e-mail marketing campaigns to help augment Glenn's on-site visit. Not only are these e-mail campaigns customized for your payroll service, but your salespeople are taught how to follow-up on each campaign.

At the end of the workshop, you and your sales team will leave with a blueprint of what to do and how to do it - a step-by-step process of how to increase your sales and how to better leverage your time.

Our Training Philosophy:

This interactive workshop is filled with many exercises, sales techniques, and ideas to help your sales team.  Our training methodology is guided by three core principles.  

  1. Participation:  People learn by doing and active involvement rather than lecture-based training.  To optimize the impact of our training, we emphasize a proactive mindset, real-world concepts, and proven campaigns to implement.
  2. Real-World Sales Techniques, Marketing Ideas, And Solutions:  The content you will be learning will be groundbreaking in many ways.  In fact, you will start to see appointments being made, databases being managed and a sales process is established during the workshop. We prove this all the time for our clients.
  3. Everyone Gets Pushed To Change Their Activities:  If you are not challenged to change what you are doing, you will see the same results.

Two Notes For Sales Leaders:

  • #1. This is NOT a "sit-on-your-butt and take notes" workshop for you and your salespeople; this is a real-life "TAKE ACTION RIGHT NOW" interactive workshop. More importantly, it is filled with tons of exercises to fine-tune everyone's skills. 
  • #2. We promise you will learn AND do things that will increase your sales; starting the very next day.

Who Should Attend:

Our Get Payroll Clients NOW! workshop is for PROACTIVE business owners, sales leaders, and salespeople in the payroll service industry.  Whether you are a seasoned sales professional or a rookie sales leader, you will learn tons of new things that will make sales magic happen.

The Details: 

  • TIME: 1 or 2 days from 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM (working lunch break)
  • LOCATION: At your business.
  • TUITION: Call for pricing as we offer special discounts for 5 or more students.
  • MINIMUM STAFF TO ATTEND: Two; one sales leader and one salesperson.
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