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Tuesday, January 04 2022
10 Tips To Help You Land More New Payroll Clients

10 Tips To Help Land More New Payroll Clients
By Glenn Fallavollita, President,

  • Word Count: 291
  • Time To Read: 66 Seconds

ADP and Paychex, and like many other national payroll services, are aggressively going after new business (see links below). In fact, they are making "new client acquisition" a top priority as the economy recovers from the COVID-19 virus.

10 Steps To A Proactive 2021 Sales And Marketing Strategy.

If you want to acquire more new payroll clients in 2021, I have listed ten core areas below to consider:

  • Step 1: Update all databases on file (ensure all e-mail addresses, phone numbers, etc., are correct).
  • Step 2: Scan all business cards on/in your desk and upload each one to its appropriate database.
  • Step 3: Segment your e-mail databases by clients, prospects, and referral partners.
  • Step 4: Develop a 90-day marketing plan for the abovementioned databases.
  • Step 5: Develop a sales follow-up plan to the abovementioned marketing plan(s).
  • Step 6: Develop WEEKLY sales REVENUE goals for each salesperson.
  • Step 7: Develop WEEKLY sales ACTIVITY goals for each salesperson.
  • Step 8: Develop a PROPOSAL tracking report for each salesperson.
  • Step 9: Develop an INTERNAL LEAD tracking report.
  • Step 10: Monitor all of the abovementioned items WEEKLY.
  • BONUS Step: Develop a formal referral partner, i.e., CPA, sales, and marketing plan.

Executive Summary: If you are an owner or a sales leader take a moment from your day and do the following:

  1. Develop a written sales/marketing plan AND budget.
  2. Create a series of metrics/reports to monitor everyone's success. Remember, the troops do what the company commander monitors.
  3. Hold yourself AND your salespeople accountable for hitting their targeted sales goals.

If you want to be successful in driving in NEW sales revenue, you need to do the little things DAILY.

P.S. "Hope" isn't a great sales strategy.

About The Author:

Glenn Fallavollita is a nationally recognized keynote speaker providing money-making advice to help payroll service owners, sales pros, and marketing gurus build more profitable relationships with their database of prospects, referral partners, and clients.

Additionally, Glenn is the president of and Drip Marketing, Inc. and has written 50+ whitepapers and three sales/self-marketing books, Supercharge Your Payroll Sales NOW!Stop Whining AND Start Selling, and Drip Marketing: A Powerful New Marketing Strategy That Gets Prospects To Buy From You. He also writes blogs for LinkedIn and other national websites.

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