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Sunday, December 12 2021
How To Stop Looking Like A

How To Stop Looking Like A
"Small, Me-Too” Payroll Service

By Glenn Fallavollita, President of & Drip Marketing, Inc.

  • Word Count: 397
  • Time To Read: 1.6 Minutes

Do you feel as though your website's marketing message is making you look like every other payroll service around you?  If you do, you are not alone, as most payroll services use the same tired phrases like:

  • Friendly, helpful payroll experts here to serve you.
  • Smarter workforce management.
  • We’re cheaper than your current payroll service.
  • We’ve been in business since XXXX.
  • You’ll get a dedicated payroll specialist.
  • Say goodbye to payroll stress. Right Now.

Here’s The Problem:

Your prospects are flooded with advertisements from TV commercials, print ads, radio ads, brand labels, Facebook ads, ads on buses, Google ads, to even ads on their phones. An article published in the NY Times said, “A person living in a city 30 years ago saw up to 2,000 ad messages a day, compared with up to 5,000 today.”

You Have .5 To 1.5 Seconds To Capture A Prospect’s Attention.

Your marketing messages must resonate with your target audience as you only have .5 to 1.5 seconds to capture someone’s attention. Therefore, if your marketing messages look and sound like everyone else, a prospect will either skip over your ad or only look at price as the key differentiator. 

Get In The Mind Of A Prospect Before Writing Your Next Campaign.

Marketing research has proven that the average person will spend .5- to 1.5 seconds skimming a marketing message (e-mail/direct mail/print).  During this time, their brain will process some of the questions below to determine if they should continue reading or learning more:

  • Are they saying things that are important to me?
  • Do I know this company?
  • Do I need a new payroll service?
  • Should I compare my current payroll service to them?
  • What is this company selling?
  • What makes this payroll service any better or different from the one I am using now?
  • Why should I consider their offer of X, Y, or Z?

Every prospect/referral partner is just like you; they have a limited amount of time to learn about your payroll service as they are trying to do more work with fewer resources. And the more in sync your messages are to their problems, frustrations, annoyances, and needs, the quicker you will get their attention. Period. 

Executive Summary: With the average person being exposed to thousands of marketing messages a day, what are your plans to change what you are saying? 

About The Author:

Glenn Fallavollita is a nationally recognized keynote speaker providing money-making advice to help payroll service owners, sales pros, and marketing gurus build more profitable relationships with their database of prospects, referral partners, and clients.

Additionally, Glenn is the president of and Drip Marketing, Inc. and has written 50+ whitepapers and three sales/self-marketing books, Supercharge Your Payroll Sales NOW!Stop Whining AND Start Selling, and Drip Marketing: A Powerful New Marketing Strategy That Gets Prospects To Buy From YouHe also writes blogs for LinkedIn and other national websites.

© Drip Marketing, Inc.  All Rights Reserved May Not Be Used Without Written Permission.

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