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Tuesday, September 03 2013

How To Write An  Elevator Pitch
For Your Payroll Service’s Sales Team


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If you are a business owner, sales leader or a sales/marketing pro in the payroll industry, you know how important it is to get someone's immediate attention - especially when communicating with a prospect or referral partner for the very first time.


Unfortunately, the majority of sales leaders and salespeople just "wing it" when they are telling a prospect/referral partner (or presenting at a networking event) what makes their payroll service awesome and unique.


If you and/or your staff are falling victim to this same type of approach, there is a very good chance most prospects and referral partners are not able to determine what makes your payroll service any better or different from everyone else.


4 Steps To Writing A Great Elevator Pitch.


  • Step 1: Write down all of things that are important to a business owner when switching to a new payroll service. If you are selling to a referral partner, i.e., accountants, write down all of the things that are important to them when recommending a payroll service to one of their clients.
  • Step 2: Review your list from step 1 and then prioritize it. If you are the sales leader or owner of your company, let your sales and marketing people vote on what they think the top "buying triggers" are for a prospect or referral partner. Your job is to lead/challenge them on the list, but not dictate what should be on the list.  
  • Step 3: Look at the top three to five items that came from step 2. At this point, start gathering/creating your physical sales evidence. Examples are: Client testimonials, accountant reports, a document that states that your payroll service is bonded, etc. These items should support your top buying triggers. Take the same approach to a referral partner's top buying triggers. 
  • Step 4. Start writing your elevator pitch. Remember to highlight the top three to five buying triggers.

Another Key Element: The "Wow Factor."


Once you construct an elevator pitch, you need to ensure that it has what we like to call the "wow factor." What is the wow factor? It's when a prospective buyer or referral source says to themselves: 

  • "Wow, I didn't know this company did that."
  • "Wow, this business can really (save or make us) money."
  • "Wow, this person really knows how to solve my problems."
  • "Wow, this is a payroll service that I can confidently recommend to my clients." 


Watch This Video On How To Create An Elevator Pitch.


To help you get in the right mindset of writing a powerful elevator pitch, take a moment to watch this video from CBS' website titled "Perfect your 15-second 'elevator' pitch."  


Click here to watch this special video link.


Executive Summary: Whether you need a 15-, 30- or 60-second elevator pitch, the key is to have one that your sales and marketing staff will use consistently; therefore, test them repeatedly to ensure they know it cold.  


About The Author

Glenn Fallavollita is the President of, a Division of Drip Marketing, Inc.  He founded Drip Marketing, Inc. in 2002, and serves as CEO, lead copywriter and strategist.  He is also instrumental in developing the curriculum, format and expansion of Drip University - the training arm of Drip Marketing, Inc. and  His work, insight and creative talent has been the catalyst for the delivery of more than 30 million e-mail campaigns on behalf of his clients.

To learn how we can help your payroll service increase its sales, visit us on the web at or call us directly at (856) 401-9577. 

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