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Friday, November 04 2016
9 e-Mail Marketing
Tips For Your Lead Nurturing Campaigns
(Print This Tip And Use It At Your Next Sales Meeting)
By Glenn Fallavollita - President, Drip Marketing, Inc. &
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Greetings from 

After sending 61+ million e-mail campaigns on behalf of our clients, we assembled nine e-mail marketing tips for you to review.  They are:   

Þ Tip #1: Send More Than A Newsletter: Don’t commit marketing suicide by sending only a newsletter. Plus, in 2015 people spent 65% less time reading a newsletter as compared to 2006.

Þ Tip #2: Review The Type Of “Themes” You Are Sending: Although your “subject line” and “from” fields play a huge role in your open rate, a campaign’s  “theme/content” is also critical—avoid the “Hurry, and buy from us type themes.”

Þ Tip #3: Always Add A High Visibility Call To Action: To help generate more sales leads, we recommend adding a high visibility risk-free offer to an e-mail campaign; just don’t bury it in a wall of text. 

Þ Tip #4: Segment Your Campaigns By Target Audience: Segment your e-mail marketing campaigns the same way your business goes to market, i.e., prospects, clients, accountants, benefits brokers, chamber members, and association members.

Þ Tip #5: Create An e-Mail Marketing Calendar: Having a defined plan of action with your e-mail marketing activities will help get campaigns done.

Þ Tip #6: Focus On Your Subject Line And From e-Mail Address: Approximately 60% to 80% of your open rate is directly related to the “subject line” and “from e-mail address.”

Þ Tip #7: Call The People Who Opened Your e-Mail Campaigns: If you want to generate more sales leads, call the people who opened an e-mail campaign.

Þ Tip #8: Track The Frequency Of Your e-Mail Marketing Campaigns: Too many and too few e-mails will play a role in your e-mail marketing success. As a general rule, you can send up to four to six e-mails per month to your “non-opted in” prospect database.

Þ Tip #9: Resend A Campaign To The People Who DID NOT Open The Original Campaign: Resend an important e-mail to anyone who had NOT opened your original campaign—this is an easy process if you are using a service like Constant Contact. 

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