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Friday, February 26 2016
What Successful Payroll Services WON'T Tell You.

What Successful Payroll Services
WON'T Tell You They're Doing To Win More Sales.

  • Word count for this issue: 560
  • Approximate time to read: 2.0 minutes @ 250 words per minute

Here's a list of what fast growing payroll services are doing to grow their business (print and review this list with your leadership team). 

  • They actively approach CPA firms and discuss buying their book of "payroll clients."
  • They have one or two CRM Systems; one for sales and one for their payroll clients (focus on the under 50 employee market).
  • They make sure they hire sales hunters; not sales gathers. 
  • They make building their e-mail marketing database(s) a high priority.
  • They segment their marketing lists for targeted campaigns.
  • The owner or president is oftentimes the rainmaker (develops bigger deals).
  • They are hugely focused on building partnerships with accountants and insurance agents.
  • They develop teams of accountants, enrolled agents/insurance agents, 401(k) specialists to "unravel" the ADP and Paychex sales model.
  • When they target enrolled agents/insurance agents, their narrative is, "You don't want ADP or Paychex in your clients' account as they will try and steal your book of business." To read ConnectPay's partnership with Great West Retirement Plans, a retirement planning company, click here.
  • Their high performing salespeople are great networkers in their local community.
  • The sales leader keeps his or her salespeople accountable for hitting their sales numbers. 
  • The owner or president is the one who develops partnerships with associations, banks and franchises.
  • The owner remains vigilant on hiring high performing salespeople (they just hire slowly; fire fast).   
  • They know who is their exact target audience is (size of company by employee count and/or vertical markets). 
  • The payroll services that focus on the under 50 employee market oftentimes sells on price (that's right, they do).
  • The owner(s) worked at a sales/sales leadership capacity at ADP or Paychex.

Here's The #1 Thing Fast Growing Payroll Service Do.

They have two leaders; one focused solely operations while the other is 100% focused on sales and marketing.  Why? Because successful owners know that they can't manage both disciplines effectively. Companies who have done a wonderful job at this are:

  • Coastal Payroll
  • Dominion Payroll
  • ConnectPay
  • Paylocity
  • Paycor

Some Of The Fastest Growing Services In The Country.

There are a number of "fast growing" independent payroll services in the country; however, they are few and far between - I define "fast growing" as the number of new payroll clients they sign on/acquire each year. They are:

Executive Summary: At the end of the day, fast growing payroll services know it's all about their sales and marketing activity. Period. 

If you are looking to expand your sales and marketing efforts without breaking the bank, check out our brand new marketing packages by clicking here

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