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Thursday, June 16 2011
Let's assume for a minute that you are riding in an elevator with ten of your best prospects -- all who are interested in hiring a payroll service.  So tell me, what will you tell them during this 90-second elevator ride to motivate them to learn more about your payroll service?  Oh by the way, your toughest competitor will be giving this same group THEIR "elevator pitch" during the ride down. 

Do You Have A 90-Second Elevator Pitch?

If you are in sales and/or marketing, it is important for you and your salespeople to get someone's attention as they are traveling down the buying process.  But without a compelling story to tell, you will be considered just like everyone else, and wind up competing on price more often than not.  This is why you need to have a planned elevator pitch -- one that quickly quantifies the uniqueness of your business.  Doing so will not only allow you to educate people on your value, but also help a salesperson move prospects to the next step of the sales process by asking good business questions, closing, etc.

Knowing Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Will Dramatically Improve Your Elevator Pitch.

Your USP is one of the top components that drive prospective buyers to learn more about your business.  Ultimately, this will bring in more leads and sales to your company.  By the way, the best USP in the world will do you no good if your sales and marketing people are NOT using it. 

Most Sales And Marketing People Are Lazy Communicators.  

Remember, every potential buyer your salespeople talk to (or that reads your marketing messages) is judge and jury.  They determine your sentence by where they spend their money.    Therefore, think about what your business does or can do to separate it from the competition.  After that, write down the things you do and/or can do that will make your business unique in the mind's eye of a prospective buyer.   

Ask Your Sales And Marketing People This One Question Today: 

Sometime today, walk up to each person on your sales and marketing team and ask them this one question: "Tell me, as if I was prospect you were talking to right now, what makes our business any better or different from the competition?"  Now ask yourself, was their story compelling enough for you to want to learn more?  Most likely, the answer will be a big fat no.

Executive Summary: The goal of a business owner and/or sales leader is to employ people who can communicate the company's USP in a concise fashion, whether verbally or in print.  In doing so you will find that every prospect will say, "Wow, you are different."  And that's a beautiful thing.

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