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Friday, October 28 2011

How To Get A CPA To Take Your Call

I have talked with no less than 1,000+ business owners, CEOs, sales leaders, marketing pros, and sales people from hundreds of industries in 2011.   Everyone had one common concern: How to increase their sales.  Although there are few key elements to making this happen, I found that 90% of them are not willing to do anything different (in their marketing and sales efforts) to make this goal happen. 

Are You In The 10% Group?


If you are in the 10% group who wants to work a little harder and smarter, I have listed below four key elements to increasing your sales (the key areas of the DRIP Marketing System). 


1.       Develop a database of clients, past clients, tier 1 prospects (these are prospects who buy what you sell), prospects, and referral sources.

2.       Work on developing a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for your business.  This is a critical step, because it will help you flush out the primary motivators – the things that trigger your target audience to buy what you sell. Once you determine these motivators, you need to do two things with this information.  First, use it in your marketing campaigns, and second, use it to help you identify areas in which you can innovate your business. 

3.       Develop a proactive sales follow-up system.

4.       Learn how to write a more motivating marketing message. 


Here Is An Example Of What To Send To A CPA.


First, create a database of your top 25 or so accountants in your sell zone -- a database that contains each of their mailing addresses AND e-mail addresses.  Once your database is done, write a letter for a “lumpy mail campaign” that reads like this:


(First name),


I know that you are getting many salespeople stopping by your office to sell you on the idea of you recommending their payroll service to your clients. Sure, we would like that, too. But, instead of wasting your time with the usual visit and dropping off a bunch of literature, I have arranged for you to spend a relaxing moment at your home or office.


Take A Break On Us.


Please accept the enclosed voucher for a cup of your favorite beverage at your local Starbucks as well as a bag of popcorn.  When you get a chance to enjoy them, all I ask is that you do me one small favor: Please watch this short, 3-minute DVD to see what makes us different. By the way, we had some fun making it, so I can promise you that it is not boring!


Thanks for taking the time to learn about what makes (insert your company’s name) different -- and enjoy a quiet moment on us.


What Do You Think The Chances Are Of Your DVD Being Watched?


Just about 100%.  That’s right, virtually 100% of your target audience will watch this DVD.  So tell me, what kind of impact will this have on your target audience?  Highly favorable. Another thing: This approach will make your follow up easier as most people will take your call as everyone’s reaction will be positive – which will have a direct impact on landing some new business from a large percentage of them.  


What Should You Say On Your DVD? 


The DVD has to be fun, quick to watch, and to the point.  Another thing: If you put together a cheap, boring, and self-promoting DVD, you will ruin your chances of landing a new account before you even pick up the phone.  On the flip side, if the DVD production is done right, there’s a good chance your prospects will not only take your call, but pass it on to another person who is involved with the purchasing decision.


Executive Summary: The point of this e-tip is to show you how  easy it is to stand out from your competition so that more people notice the things that make your business different – just use a little thought and creativity.  But the key to this campaign falls in two critical components:  1.       You have to call each prospect within 36 to 72 hours of receiving your campaign. 2.       You have to continuously send each recipient a series of drip marketing campaigns repeatedly for it takes a number of touches to build trust, credibility, and brand recognition in you and your business. 

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