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Tuesday, November 27 2012

5 Ideas To Win
More Payroll Sales

(For Business Owners)

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If you are a business owner or leader within your payroll service, you no doubt realize the importance of creating a positive culture within it. However, savvy business owners know how important their employees' mental and fiscal health is to the growth of their business.

To help you and your executive team to create a rewarding company culture -- a culture that can have a positive impact on your sales, we have listed below a few tips (and yes, there are many more to list) to ensure everyone's success.

5 Ideas To Help You Win More Sales And Increase Profits.

1. Embrace The Advantages Of Being Small. Smaller sized companies have some very big advantages over their largest competitor. First, they tend to be quicker to react to market conditions instead of being caught-up in the establishment. Second, and most importantly, they are willing to use innovative ideas, strategies, and tactics.

2. Hire Good People. For the most part, great employees don't walk through your door, they are developed. Sure, you need to make good hires, but you need to ensure you find enthusiastic, confident and honest people who are willing to learn. The key is giving them an environment in which they can.

3. Use Performance-Based Compensation Programs (For Non-Salespeople). Most employee compensation plans are based on a dollar rate but not on your company's success and/or production. Many successful owners offer bonuses based on hitting sales goals, cost savings or customer retention. With a progressive compensation program, successful managers and staff can't afford to leave.

4. Pay Your Salespeople Handsomely: If you want to create a hunter's mentality within your sales team, reward them handsomely for a new sale (one that isn't heavily discounted either). Do this, and you will find that it will be easier to recruit new salespeople and motivate your current sales team. Remember, it is their production on generating new business that you really want.

5. Ask Your Salespeople For Their Input. If you want to know what a new change will do to your product or service line(s), float the idea past your best salespeople. This will allow you to get some honest (and raw) feedback based on their direct interaction with your client base.

Executive Summary: A business owner's role is to create a rewarding environment for his or her staff. One that rewards people mentally and fiscally. To build a business, have a vision and hire the right people to implement it - one that rewards them handsomely too!


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