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Thursday, December 13 2012


Most people who write a marketing message for their payroll service tend to use a lot of generalities and platitudes. And should you or someone at your organization fall victim to writing like this too, there is a good chance you are losing the interest of a reader -- and sales to the competition.

Here Are Some Actual Examples Of Generalities And Platitudes:

  • Salesperson at a chamber event (actual quote): "We do payroll better that anyone else. I'm your sales rep and we've been in business for almost 20 years."
  • Website content: We treat you as the valuable client that you are-not a number. Our customer service is immediate, personal, and effective. We also offer you pricing options that are competitive and predictable.
  • Website Content: With unmatched customer service and personal attention, we can make payroll fast and easy so you have more time to dedicate to running your business. And best of all, our payroll solutions will save you money over the large national payroll firms.

Words and phrases such as we can save you money, we are the largest, biggest or best are examples of platitudes - just try and avoid them whenever you write a campaign.

Six Elements Of A Winning Marketing Message.

Here are the six elements/steps to creating a money-making marketing message:

  1. Describe your prospect's problem: Your prospects want to be assured that you clearly understand their unique situation. Acknowledge their frustrations, problems and fears (that are common when using your product or service).
  2. Explain how you can solve this problem: Once you identify a prospect's problem, provide specific reasons as to how your company can solve them better than anyone else.
  3. Describe the benefits: Provide specific benefits rather than features your prospects will receive once they try your product or service.
  4. Obtain testimonials from customers: Nothing builds credibility better than a testimonial from a customer who has experienced your company's service or product firsthand.
  5. Provide someone a low-risk or risk-free method to try your product or service: Prospects are much more likely to try a new product or service if you reduce their risk.
  6. Provide a guarantee: Offer your prospects an unconditional guarantee - if they are NOT happy with your product or service, you will refund the money or redo the service until they are completely satisfied.

Executive Summary: When writing your marketing messages, make sure the words and phrases have some tangible and specific value. And once you crack the code to writing a marketing message/campaign, use this same technique for your brochures, website, direct mail pieces, sales scripts and e-mail marketing campaigns.

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