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Thursday, December 13 2012

There are tons of ideas to market your payroll service but in reality, many of them WILL Be a waste of money for you. Therefore, the key is to do the things that will make you money; however, don't think for one-minute that putting out a shoddy marketing message will generate a lead/sale.
Keep Your Marketing Simple And Cost Effective; But Don't Stop Marketing.
To help you jump-start your sales on Monday morning, I have listed below a few ideas that could pay you huge dividends - the key is to be consistent, have a great marketing message and then follow-up on it.
HINT: Print this list and pass it to your sales and marketing staff for further discussion.
1.       Show People The Things That Make You Different. Take a quick look at what you are saying and ask yourself, "Do we look like another small, me too payroll service with what we are saying?"
2.       Focus On A Niche. Niche marketing allows you to develop a more focused database and sales message.
3.       Survey Your Customers. Have you ever asked your customers what they would like for other services? How about asking them how well you are performing? Do this and your leads will soar.
4.       Use A Combination Of e-Mail Marketing AND Direct Mail. Sure, e-mail marketing is dirt-cheap; however, only 10% - 25% of your subscribers are opening/reading your message; therefore, 75% - 90% ARE NOT. Don't commit marketing madness by exclusively relying upon e-mail marketing.
5.       Use The Postal Service. If it makes sense for your target market, send a low-cost postcard to them. Better yet, send a lumpy mail campaign (page 145 in my book) to a select group of prospective buyers.
6.       Send A Thank You Card. Sending a thank you card is a great way to remind people you appreciate their time and/or their business.
7.       Provide People A Low-Risk Way To Learn More. No matter what you sell, always promote some type of special offer to your target audience. By the way, it doesn't have to be a dollar off or discount to buy what you sell.
8.       Pick Up The Phone. The fastest way you can increase your sales is to pick up the phone and call someone AFTER they have received one of your marketing campaigns.
9.       Change The Way You Do Things Starting Monday Morning. If you want to change your sales results you need to change the things you are doing today. The key will be to drop the one that don't work for your business and fine-tune the ones that do.
10.   Don't Always Lead With A Payroll Message. Many payroll service salespeople fall victim to calling a prospect about their "payroll service." Why not change the message once a while and lead with an ancillary business service discussion like time and attendance, HR outsourcing, etc.
Executive Summary: Being consistent AND persistent with a finely tuned (and creative) marketing message will be you success. Remember, some people take 30 touches/calls before they talk with you while others could be just a few. Just because someone doesn't want to talk with you today doesn't mean they won't tomorrow.
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