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Wednesday, January 09 2013

If you are responsible for increasing sales at your payroll service, we both know that leaving a voicemail message happens more times than not. And statistically speaking, you will leave a voicemail message 75% to 80% of the time.



Often times salespeople are frustrated over the lack of a return phone call after leaving a voicemail message. If you are as well, then you might find the list below of particular interest.

8 Reasons Why Someone Won't Call You Back After Leaving Them A Voicemail Message.

  1. Your Voice Mail Message Is Too Long. The people that you are calling are too busy to listen to your long and disorganized message. Keep your message 15 to 20 seconds and you will do a lot better.
  2. Your Voice Mail Message Is Too Obscure. Give a person enough information to get their attention. You want them to say, "This person can really save me/make me money." Remember, you need to say something that will motivate someone to call you back.
  3. You Keep Leaving The Same Voicemail Message Every Time You Call Them. To mix things up, leave a unique voicemail message each time you call someone.
  4. They Don't Have A Clue As To Who You Are. Your prospects want to do business with someone they know; therefore, a first time voicemail from an unknown person/business is not likely going to be returned UNLESS the company has sent something in ADVANCE that had caught their attention.
  5. You Sound Like Everyone Else. Your prospects are getting tons of calls from salespeople who are selling the exact sales product or service. So ask yourself this, "How can I make my voicemail sound different."
  6. Your Voicemail Is Too Boring. If your voicemail sounds like this, it's boring: "We can give you a competitive quote on your X, Y and Z. If you are interested, call me back at. . ."
  7. They Just Aren't Ready To Buy (Or Learn More About) What You Are Selling. At the end of the day, you need to know that some prospects are not ready to buy what you sell. In fact, 75% to 90% of the people you are calling have NO INTEREST in what you are selling. You can increase the chances of getting a return call by calling prospects who have opened past e-mails, are past or present customers or are buying/using the same services or products that you are selling.
  8. They Are Just Too Busy. Did you ever think that the person you are calling can't handle the sales process of what you are selling? With the downsizing of companies over the past few years, decision makers are doing more work with less staff/resources than ever before. Unless they high degree of interest in what you are selling, they won't return your call.

Executive Summary: The majority of your prospects are letting their phone calls go right into voicemail. That said, you will leave a voicemail (or message with someone) about 8 out-of 10 phone calls. Now that you know this staggering statistic, don't you think it's in your best interest to have a voicemail script ready when calling someone? Of course it is.

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