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Wednesday, January 09 2013
To increase your payroll service's sales 20% - 50% in 2013 is a lot easier than you think. However, it requires you to focus on four core areas of your sales and marketing efforts. If not, you are doomed to repeat 2012's sales results.


4 Proven Tips All Business Owners, Sales Leaders and Salespeople Need To Read -- Twice.




Tip #1: Increase The Size/Accuracy Of Your e-Mail And Direct Database Of Customers, Prospects And Referral Partners. Fact: 80% of your sales success will come from having an up-to-date database of customers, prospects and referral partners. This means that you need to make sure your database(s) are increasing in size - and one that includes someone's e-mail and direct mail address.



Hint: All sales leaders need to monitor the growth of each salesperson's database on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Additionally, run a report on how many names have an e-mail address and a mailing address associated with it.


Tip #2: E-Mail A Consistent Series Of Marketing Campaigns. If you are not sending a series of educational, sales and informational themed e-mail marketing campaigns to your databases, you are missing a huge opportunity. However, don't think for one minute that you can just send an e-newsletter once a month and the phone will start ringing. Although it is a good start, you need to create a defined e-mail marketing strategy for your business.



Tip #3: Send A Consistent Series Of Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns. That's right, snail mail is still an effective marketing tool for a payroll service. Remember, e-mail marketing is great, low-cost marketing tool; however, only ~20% of the time someone will open it. Add a mix of direct mail (and a sales follow-up system) to compliment your e-mail marketing efforts and you will see sales magic start to happen.


Tip #4: Create A Sales Follow-up System For Your Salespeople. Winning salespeople and smart business owners know the value of systematizing their sales and marketing efforts. So what they do is this: They motivate their salespeople to pick up the and start calling by having phone blitz sessions. Plus, they train their salespeople how to leave voicemail messages, when to call their list of prospects, closing techniques and how to ask business related sales questions to uncover a particular problem, etc. to help them become more a more effective salesperson.



Executive Summary: With 2012 coming to an end, this is the perfect time to reflect on your sales and marketing efforts. If you are not happy with the sales results from your sales team, it is time for you to reflect on the four tips listed above.

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