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Wednesday, January 09 2013
To be successful in growing your 2013 sales, it comes down to a number of things. From consistent marketing, creating marketing messages that resonate with your target audience, building a marketing database, prospecting for new business to honing your (or your salespeople's) closing and follow-up skills.  
And yes, hope is not a strategy for increasing your payroll service's sales.
5 Mistakes Most Payroll Services Will Make In 2013. Will Yours Be One Of Them?
After 10 years and 20,000 hours of helping hundreds of payroll services, we have noticed many core areas they fall short on - see if you can relate from the list below.
  1. Not being able to tell (face-to-face or in a marketing campaign) a prospective buyer your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).
  2. Not having a marketing budget or a 12-month drip marketing calendar of events.
  3. Not having a proactive sales follow-up strategy.
  4. Not having an up-to-date and growing database of clients, prospects and referral partners.
  5. Not knowing how to write a motivating and effective marketing message.
To help you and your business gain greater sales success in 2013, we have listed below a number of steps to help grow your business this year.
5 Steps For Greater Sales & Marketing Success In 2013:
Step #1. Start updating and growing your database of clients, prospects and referral partners: The key to your success comes down to having an accurate and manageable database of prospective buyers. If you are not growing your database of prospective buyers (both their e-mail and direct mail addresses), you are missing the #1 thing you can do to grow your business in 2013.
Step #2. Know Your USP: Ask yourself these questions: "What motivated the last 3 - 5 prospects to buy from us? Why do our clients keep on buying from us? After you have answered these questions, survey the last 3 - 5 prospects and your clients. What they tell you will help you construct a series of GREAT marketing messages.
Step #3. Create a marketing budget/ 12-month drip marketing calendar of events: Consistent marketing is critical to your business. Why? Because 80% of what you tell someone will be forgotten by them within 24 - 48 hours. Don't believe me? Ask your salespeople if a client every told them this: "I didn't know you did that?" That said, create a budget and calendar of events to ensure your marketing gets done.
Step #4. Not having a proactive sales follow-up strategy: Want to increase sales immediately and generate a huge ROI on your marketing investment? If you do, create a follow-up schedule for your salespeople to use. BTW, if you leave it up to your salespeople to do, they won't; therefore, the sales leader needs ensure this gets done.
Some of best campaigns you can send and follow-up on are:
  1. Lumpy mail campaign (85%+ open rate)
  2. e-Press Release
  3. e-Product announcement (re-launching or a new)
Step #5: Not knowing how to write a motivating and effective marketing message. If you want to generate more leads and interest in what you sell, determine (see step 2) why people buy from you. Once you know this, write an effective headline, keep your copy crisp and concise and then add a risk-free offer to the campaign.

Executive Summary: If you want to maximize your sales marketing efforts this year, take the time and develop a plan of action. By developing a plan, you will greatly reduce the odds of NOT meeting your objectives.

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