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Saturday, January 12 2013
Want to increase the number of payroll prospects and/or referral partners that call or e-mail you when they are ready to buy?

If you do, then always include a risk-free invitational offer on a marketing campaign.What is a risk-free invitational offer? It is an offer that gives a prospective buyer (the Immediate Buyers and the Tire Kickers) a path to take they can either learn more about your products or services or an incentive to make an immediate purchase from you.

The Wording You Use On A Risk-Free Invitational Offer Helps A Great Deal.

The wording of your risk-free invitational offer will have an impact on its success. To give you an idea of how a slight word change can lead to a stronger and more effective offer, we have listed below three headlines to review.

  • Good: Try Our Payroll Service Free For XX Days.
  • Better: Use Our Payroll Service Free For XX Days.
  • Best: Use Our Payroll Service Absolutely Risk-Free For XX Days.

As you can see, there are slight differences between each headline - differences that can and will make all the difference in the world.

Your Risk-Free Invitational Offer Will Depend On The Group You Are Targeting.

If you are targeting the Immediate Buyers in your database, consider risk-free invitational offers with a high value and a high risk:

  • Free Test Drive (or) Free Trial
  • Dollars/Percentage Off
  • Incentives
  • Bonuses
  • Upgrades
  • Special Rates, etc.

If you are targeting the Tire Kickers in your database, consider risk-free invitational offers with a high value and a low risk:

  • Buying Guide (Consumer Report's format)
  • White Papers/Reports
  • Tax Advice Via A Website's Resource Center
  • Client Success Stories

Increase Your Offer's Success By Doing This:

If you want to increase the percentage of people who take advantage of a particular offer, pick up the phone and make an "Oh By The Way" call to anyone who received the offer. Remember, people are busier than ever these days; and they sometimes need a few reminders to take the next step in the buying process.

Executive Summary: As you review your next marketing campaign, spend time reviewing your risk-free invitational offer. If the offer provides little value and a high risk, consider using a different offer. Once you settle on a risk-free invitational offer, develop a strategy to proactively follow-up on the campaign within 24 to 72 hours of the offer hitting a prospect's desk/inbox. If you do this, you will see sales magic start to happen.

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