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Wednesday, January 30 2013
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What sales tool costs you absolutely nothing to implement at your payroll service? Let us give you a few hints.
·         Hint #1: It makes it possible for you or your sales team to have an in-depth, one-on-one conversation with a prospect in real-time.
·         Hint #2: It enables you or your sales team to have in a matter of few hours to create leads that would otherwise go to your competition.
·         Hint #3: It enables you or your sales team to fill your sales pipeline with referrals when your e-mails and direct mail campaigns are not getting a response?
Your Telephone AND Today's New Prospecting Strategies.

The sales process is a lot tougher these days; your payroll prospects have lower budgets, have more choices than ever before and are doing more work with fewer resources. What does this mean for you and your sales team? It means that you need to break through all this clutter with attention grabbing information. Period.

Before You Can Have A Real-Time Conversation With A Prospect, You Need To Get Their Attention.
If you want to be more successful in landing a one-on-one conversation with a prospect, you need to develop a sales and marketing strategy; one that gets a prospect's attention. To get the attention of a prospect, here is what we suggest:
1.       Send a series of educational e-mail marketing campaigns to your database of prospects.
2.       Send a sales themed e-mail to this same database (don't forget to add a low-risk invitational offer); then download all the people that opened/clicked through the hyperlinks on this e-mail. Alternatively, send a lumpy mail marketing campaign (this is great when you are targeting the "C" level at larger companies.
3.       Call the list of people above (within 36 - 48 hours of receiving campaign from item #2).
The Devil Is Now In The Details:
We know that the three steps above seem rather obvious. But here is what successful sales leaders do.
·         Set up a time when 100% of their salespeople come into the office and make their "oh by the way" follow-up calls.
·         Provide their salespeople a sales script for talking with a live prospect.
·         Provide their salespeople a voicemail script when leaving a message.
·         Provide their salespeople a follow-up e-mail campaign to send immediately after leaving a voicemail (one that contains a pdf attachment, i.e., overview sheet with a risk-free invitational offer on it).
·         Provide their salespeople a number of sales tools they can send to a prospect (when talking live on the phone).
·         Train their salespeople on how to use their website (to help create interest by solving particular problems).
Executive Summary: Most salespeople dislike making cold calls. It's a fact of life if you are a business owner or sales leader.
To ensure that your salespeople are picking up the phone, set a specific day/time when they come into the office to make them. Do not accept ANY excuses as to why they can't come into the office. If you want to see your sales increase, set up a sales process for your salespeople to follow. Do this, and you will see sales magic happen.
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