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Thursday, October 30 2014

Marketing Ideas For
Independent Payroll Service Bureaus


Independent payroll service bureaus don’t have the deep-pockets the big national or regional players do; however, with a little creativity and mindful spending, the impact can be just as great on the local level.


The Key: Build Mind-Share Not Market-Share.


By taking advantage of the marketing opportunities that are low-cost, you can easily build mind-share with your database of payroll clients, prospects and referral partners.  That being said, I have listed below ten lost cost ideas to help build mind-share with your marketing databases AND help increase your payroll service’s sales in less than 24-hours. 


  1. After sending an important/sales themed e-mail, make a list of the e-mail addresses that DID NOT open the e-mail after 72 BUSINESS hours.  Then on that same day, but no later than the fourth business day, e-mail them the initial campaign again.
  2. After your salesperson drops off a client’s first payroll, have them give a premade “drop by” kit to four other businesses that are in proximity to this new client (read idea #13 for its content).
  3. Ask your clients to give you a testimonial; add these testimonials to your marketing campaigns, brochures and websites.
  4. Call your clients and ask them who their accountant is.  After getting the accountant’s name, call him or her and set an appointment to discuss your payroll service’s referral partner program.
  5. Create a formal “Refer Our Payroll Service” rewards program for your payroll clients.  Once it’s finalized, e-mail a press release to your clients to announce and promote the program.  Call everyone that received this campaign within 24 hours.  During the call, ask for three referrals.  
  6. Create a formal referral partner program for CPAs. Give a CPA the option to take a percentage of the sale or not.  e-Mail your database of CPAs a press release on the program. Follow-up with everyone that received it within 24 hours.
  7. Create a lumpy mail package and mail it to your top 10 prospects and top 10 referral partners (per salesperson).  The package should contain a special coupon offer, brochure, promotional product and cover letter.  Call everyone within 24 hours of the package hitting his or her desk.
  8. Create a special “drop by” kit that a salesperson can give businesses as they walk through an industrial park.  The kit should contain a special coupon offer, brochure, promotional product and cover letter.  You might also consider adding a labor law poster to the package too.
  9. Create spiffs (for great sales performance) for your sales team each week, i.e., gifts, money, weekend get away hotel stay, etc.
  10. e-Mail your payroll clients a letter that details your “Refer Our Payroll Service” rewards program within 30 days of the press release announcing the program.

In my book “Supercharge Your Payroll Service’s Sale NOW!, I have create a list of 40 other low-cost and awesome ideas that will supercharge your payroll service’s sales.  To read more about it, or to order this book, visit us online at


About The Author


Glenn Fallavollita is the President of, a Division of Drip Marketing, Inc.  He founded Drip Marketing, Inc. in 2002, and serves as CEO, lead copywriter and strategist.  He is also instrumental in developing the curriculum, format and expansion of Drip University - the training arm of Drip Marketing, Inc. and  His work, insight and creative talent has been the catalyst for the delivery of more than 30 million e-mail campaigns on behalf of his clients.

To learn how we can help your payroll service increase its sales, visit us on the web at or call us directly at (856) 401-9577. 

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