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Tuesday, April 07 2015

Quick Test For All Payroll
Sales And Marketing Pros

By Glenn Fallavollita - CEO of | Author | Speaker

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Attention All Payroll Professionals:

Let's assume for a minute that you are riding in an elevator with the CEO of your best payroll prospect.  So tell me, what will you say and do in the next 60-seconds that will motivate him or her to learn more about your payroll service?  Oh by the way, your toughest competitor will be giving their best "elevator pitch" during the CEO’s ride down. 

Whether you like it or not, this is what every prospect and referral partner is thinking when you first talk with them.  And this is why you need a well prepared pitch.  Do you really think an attorney "wings it" when presenting a closing argument to a jury?  Of course not and nor should you. 


Why You Need To Have A Short, Crisp And MOTIVATING Elevator Pitch.

If you are in sales or marketing, it is important to have a memorized elevator pitch; a pitch that’s supported by a number of sales tools and that you can adjust on the fly.  However, and this is a big however, you need to ensure that you don’t come off sounding like every other payroll service out there. 


A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Will Dramatically Improve Your Elevator Pitch; And Your Sales.

Your USP is one of the top components a sales and marketing pro can use to drive prospects and referral partners to learn more about your business.  Ultimately, this will bring in more leads and sales to your company.  By the way, the best USP in the world wil not do any good if your sales and marketing people are NOT using it; therefore, test your salespeople on using one. 

Here’s A Test For Your Sales And Marketing Team: 


Sometime today, walk up to each person on your sales and marketing team and ask them this one question: "If I were a real prospect that you were talking to right now, how would you answer this question? What makes your payroll service any better or different from everyone else?" 


Click here to read what most payroll salespeople say.


Executive Summary: One of your goals as a sales leader is to train your sales/marketing staff to use an elevator pitch, whether verbally or in print.  And if you do, your staff will find more prospects and referral partners saying, "Wow, you are different."  By the way, that's a beautiful thing too.

About The Author


Glenn Fallavollita is the President of, a Division of Drip Marketing, Inc.  He founded Drip Marketing, Inc. in 2002, and serves as CEO, lead copywriter and strategist.  He is also instrumental in developing the curriculum, format and expansion of Drip University - the training arm of Drip Marketing, Inc. and  His work, insight and creative talent has been the catalyst for the delivery of more than 35 million e-mail campaigns on behalf of his clients.

To learn how we can help your payroll service increase its sales, visit us on the web at or call us directly at (856) 401-9577. 

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